Paris – Same (1976)

ParisSameFCSome of us have been waiting 20-plus years for PARIS to re-emerge from the mists, with good reason. This is a phenomenal album!

A brief recap: Bob Welch leaves Fleetwood Mac and forms a Zep-like hard rock band with Tull’s Glenn Cornick & drummer Thom Mooney. The stated intention is “to rock, but with depth”, and that they do – in spades. Rumored to have been produced by Page himself under a pseudonym (bear in mind there are MANY untrue rumors regarding Page and this might be one). The rumor probably got started after somebody heard the album, which has the Zep production sound down to a T. Too bad Bob Welch didn’t go further with this, because he turns out to be an outstanding heavy-rock songwriter (his lyrics are far better than Plant’s); the tracks on PARIS are short but skillfully crafted, and powered by ear-grabbing heavy riffs and stick-to-your-frontal-lobe melodies. “Nazarene”, “Black Book”, “Red Rain” and “Beautiful Youth” – great songs all – are just four random reasons to buy this. Plus that ever-present streak of erudite cheekiness that Welch has always brought to his music is of course present as well. A stone classic too long neglected…


Glenn Cornick (bass, keyboards)
Thom Mooney (drums)
Bob Welch (guitar, vocals)

01. Black Book (Welch) 3.02
02. Religion (Welch) 5.16
03. Starcage (Welch) 3.49
04. Beautiful Youth (Welch) 3.31
05. Nazarene (Welch) 3.52
06. Narrow Gate (Welch) 6.40
07. Solitaire (Welch) 4.00
08. Breathless (Welch) 3.17
09. Rock Of Ages (Welch) 3.07
10. Red Rain (Welch) 3.18