José Feliciano – Memphis Menu (1972)

FrontCover1This is undoubtedly one of Jose’ Feliciano’s best albums of the post-Jarrard period, with a wonderful fusion of Country and 1970s American Rock sound. Co-produced by Steve Cropper and by Jose’ himself, this album suffered from not being properly promoted by RCA, a label that in those years concentrated more on hits collections than in the promotion of many great early 70s albums such as this one. The whole album is good (it even sounds good in my car); among my favorites are “Lay Lady Lay” by Dylan, “Magnolia”, “One More Mile” and Jose’s splendid song “Where is My Woman”. This album should be part of every fan’s collection.

The Fantastic Jose Feliciano again is at his brilliant best in this record. The album as a whole is great there is not one weak song in it and Feliciano’s soulful style of singing is a real gem
as is his razor sharp guitar who as always is a marvel to listen to. My favortie tracks on this great album are without a doubt “Lay Lady Lay” which Bob Dylan wrote and recorded for himself and practically destroyed a great song. Jose’s amazing cover of the song is truly espectacular, I love to listen to this song. “Where Is My Woman” is another favorite of mine and in this track Feliciano adopts Bill Withers (another fine musician) style in which the song is quite similar to his #1 classic from 1971, Ain’t No Sunshine. “Magnolia”, “It Doesn’t Matter” and “One More Mile” are also excellent as is “River Song” in which Jose jams on the electric guitar with incredible virtuosity. This album is a real classic like the majority of his albums and what makes it perhaps different than the rest is the strong country-rock flavor that the LP as a whole has. In this album Jose does it all and does it extremely well. In MEMPHIS MENU, you get a little bit of everything from Pop,Rock,Soul and like I said a little country Feliciano style. You can’t miss with this album buy it you’ll be glad that you did. Besides when you see the name of Jose Feliciano on an album or in anything for that matter you can guarantee that is going to be Hit. (by Carlos Rodriguez)

Jose Feliciano (guitar, vocals, percussion)
Jim Horn /flute)
Paulinho Magalhaes (drums, percussion)
Leo LeBlanc (steel-guitar)
James Mitchell (saxophone)
Richie Simpson (drums)
J.A. Spell (keyboards, violin)
Joe Williams (drums)
The Memphis Horns:
Ed Logan (saxophone, flute)
Jack Hale (trombone)
Wayne Jackson (trumpet)

01. Magnolia (Cale) 3.06
02. River Song (Jose Feliciano/Janna Feliciano) 4.23
03. One More Mile (James) 3.09
04. Never Leave You (Jose Feliciano/Janna Feliciano) 2.46
05. Tale Of Maria (Jose Feliciano/Janna Feliciano) 3.23
06. It Doesn’t Matter (Jose Felociano) 3.59
07. Good Times (Benno) 2.54
08. Lay Lady Lay (Dylan) 3.45
09. Where Is My Woman (Jose Feliciano/Janna Feliciano) 4.25
10. Movin’ (DeShannon/Holiday/Myers) 3.27


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