Manfred Mann – Chapter Three (1969)

ManfredMannChapterThreeFCManfred Mann Chapter III was formed in England in 1969 after the break up of Manfred Mann famous for their chart topping pop hits throughout the 1960s. Manfred Mann’s Chapter III had a more Progressive appearance and moved away from their Pop roots. Chapter III was formed after the break up of the (Chapter II) line up of Manfred Mann in 1969 which featured singer Mike D’Abo, not forgetting the legendary (Chapter I) line up in the early 60s which featured singer Paul Jones.
Manfred Mann’s Chapter III turned their backs on three minute Pop singles and light hearted songs to develop a more Jazz and Progressive sound often had lengthy tracks with solos.

Manfred Mann’s Chapter III only recorded Mike Hugg or Manfred Mann compositions this was deliberate to avoid lead guitar. Sadly for Manfred Mann’s Chapter 3 the band had unsuccessful record sales and paid the price for this and unfortunate for Manfred Mann’s Chapter III they had disbanded late in 1970. This is their first album, recorded between June and October 1969 in the Old Kent Road. (by Progman)

Craig Collinge (drums)
Bernie Living (saxophone)
Brian Hugg (guitar)
Mike Hugg (keyboards, vocals)
Manfred Mann (keyboards)
Steve York (bass)

01. Travelling Lady (Mann/Hugg) 5.48
02. Snakesking Garter (Hugg) 5.48
03. Konekuff (Mann) 5.57
04. Sometimes (Hugg) 2,37
05. Devil Woman (Hugg) 5.24
06. Time (Hugg) 7.25
07. One Way Glass (Mann) 3.33
08. You´re A Better Man Than I (Mann/Hugg) 5.10
09. Ain´t It Sad (Hugg) 1.58
10. A Study In Inaccuracy (Mann) 4.06
11. Where Am I Going (Hugg) 2.46


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