Miriam Makeba – Sangoma (1988)

FrontCover1A sangoma is a traditional healer, one who channels the ancestral spirits who advise the living. On this impeccably produced CD, Miriam Makeba returns to her roots, singing the songs of her childhood, and in the process seeks to heal the wounds of apartheid and 30 years of exile from her South African home. The songs here are parables, lullabies, and gathering songs, deeply spiritual and moving. They are songs of struggle and perseverance delivered by Africa’s best-loved voice. Mama Africa (Makeba’s nickname) is joined by a group of soulful women singers. Some songs feature understated percussion; others are gloriously unadorned a cappella. This is an essential timeless album from one of the world’s greatest singers. (by Jeff Grubb)

Makeba’s comeback album, her first U.S. release in almost a decade, is a beautiful collection of traditional South African songs with spare production values that highlight the power of Makeba’s vocals. This is an excellent set of Xhosa folk songs she learned as a child. ( by j. poet)

Miriam Makeba (vocals)
Asante (percussion)
Tony Cedras (keyboards)
Brenda Fassie (background vocals)
Zenzi Lee (percussion)
Hugh Masekela (percussion, background vocals)
Jason Miles (synthesizer)
Russ Titelman (percussion)
Linda Tshabalala (background vocals)


01. Emabhaceni 2.38
02. Baxabene Oxamu 2.12
03. Ngalala Phantsi 2.29
04. Ihoyiya 1.27
05. Kulo Nyaka 2.17
06. Baya Jabula2.22
07. Mabhongo 1.22
08. Ingwemabala 1.54
09. Mosadi Ku Rima 3.10
10. Angilalanga 2.16
11. Ungakanani 1.25
12. Ngiya Khuyeka 1.35
13. Nyankwabe 1.56
14. Sabumoya 1.47
15. Congo 2.22
16. Nginani Na 2.36
17. Umam’ Uyajabula 2.02
18. Nyamuthla 2.29
19. Icala 3.11

All songs are Traditionals from South Africa


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