The Eric Burdon Band – Stop (1975)

FrontCover1Stop is a hard rock/funk album by the first incarnation of the Eric Burdon Band, whose line up consisted of Burdon, John Sterling, Kim Kesterson and Terry Ryan.

They formed in 1971, after Burdon left his previous band War to cut an album with Jimmy Witherspoon. They recorded the album ‘’Guilty’’ and then, without Witherspoon, the album Stop.

It was not released until July 1975. Also it featured no hit single, but had some American chart success, reaching both US and Canadian album charts.

Stop, equally angry if you look at it through Burdon’s perspective, has a distinctly different compositional aspect playing games between rock, jazz and soul/funk shades, colouring Eric melancholic mood with a deliberately lighter mood, however it fails to hide his desire to cut off. It is quite characteristic that in the songs that Burdon has a part in the composition, the blues feeling is more than evident, even id none of the songs resembles his earlier style.

Indeed, City Boy, Rainbow and All I Do really make a change amongst the album’s ambience and make a turn back to Eric’s roots, while in the rest (with the exception of the excellent Stop) Eric sounds detached and alienated while his performance and his voice sound different and estranged. In any case, the great performer is there, even if he “pretends”, successfully though, to be someone else, until the albums grand finale where he bursts out screaming Stop to the end of his voice in one of the best cuts the 70s ever produced.(by Alex Politis)

The 1975 released “STOP” album was recorded by Eric Burdon & Tovarich at the Far Out Studios – Los Angeles, USA in August 1971 (Eric Burdon, Bob Morcereau, George Suranovich, John Sterling, Terry Ryan and Kim Kesterson) and The Eric Burdon Band at the Dieter Dirks Studio – Cologne, Germany in August 1973 (Eric Burdon, Aalon Butler, Alvin Taylor and Randy Rice).

EricBurdon1973Eric Burdon, 1973

Aalon (guitar)
Eric Burdon (vocals)
Kim Kesterson (bass)
Randy Rice (bass)
Terry Ryan (keyboards)
John Sterling (guitar)
George Suranovich (drums)
Alvin Taylor (drums, percussion)
Moses Wheelock (percussion)

01. City Boy (Burdon/Sterling) 3.50
02. Gotta Get It On (Sterling/Hodgson) 2.57
03. The Man (Sterling/Mitthauer/Ryan) 2.56
04. I’m Lookin’ Up (Sterling/Kesterson) 2.15
05. Rainbow (Burdon/Kesterson/Morris) 2.39
06. All I Do (Burdon/Kesterson/Sterling) 2.08
07. Funky Fever (Ryan/Sterling) 2.48
08. The Way It Should Be (Sterling) 3.13
09. Stop (Sterling/Kesterson/Haney) 5.45



1 thought on “The Eric Burdon Band – Stop (1975)

  1. Burdon had so little to do with the creation of the Stop songs : the songs were already written by John Sterling (The Man )
    recorded by the band


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