Bobby Keys & The Suffering Bastards – Buffalo (2012)

FrontCover1The Suffering Bastards are no run of the mill band… With Dan Baird, guitarist/founder of the Georgia Satellites and Brad Pemberton from Ryan Adams & The Cardinals on drums along with Robert Kearns (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Poco keyboardist Michael Webb and guitarist Chark Von Kinsolving, this is not just your average touring band but a group of pros, backing a man they know is responsible for some of the most revered sax lines in rock history.

Thanks to bigdaddybflo who recorded the show; and to Drgiggles1 for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

LiveBobby Keys & The Suffering Bastards at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne/Australia, March 26, 2014

Dan Baird (vocals, guitar)
Robert Kearns (bass)
Bobby Keys (saxophone)
Chark Von Kinsolving (guitar)
Brad Pemberton (drums)
Michael Webb (keyboards
Chark Von Kinsolving (guitar)


CD 1:
01. Pre-Show 3.00
02. Live With Me (Jagger/Richards) 5.00
03. The Letter (Thompson) 6.42
04. The Wanderer (Maresca) 3.58
05. Sweet Virginia (Jagger/Richards) 6.38
06. Harlem Nocturne (Hagen/Rogers) 8.04
07. You Look Like I Could Use A Drink (Dan Baird cover) 5:58 (10.0MB)
08. Brown Sugar (Jagger/Richards) 4.29

CD 2:
01. Pre Set 1.38
02. Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (Lennon) 4.14
03. Bitch (Jagger/Richards) 4.34
04. Soul Serenade (Ousley/Dixon) 19.18
05. What Is Life (Harrison cover) 5-36
06. Delta Lady (Russell) 4.40
07. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Jagger/Richards) 9.30
08. Happy (Jagger/Richards) 3.44


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