Emmylou Harris – The Ballad Of Sally Rose (1985)

FrontCover1This is one of the most intriguing albums of Emmylou Harris’ career, and that is saying a lot. It marked the first album where she wrote or co-wrote all the songs, and the strength of the songwriting makes one wonder why she had never attempted it before. One can tell that this album is truly a labor of love, as it is a semi-autobiographical concept album that she also co-produced. It tells the story of a girl from a small town who gets taken under the wing of singer that takes her (and her angelic voice) out on the road. (The story mirrors her relationship with Gram Parsons, although it is a fictional account of the life of another woman.) As a concept album, it only partly holds together; one must read the liner notes to get a true feeling for the story. However, Emmylou Harris sounds particularly inspired, and the songs themselves are strong both musically and lyrically. As expected, she truly shines on the slower ballads such as “Diamond in My Crown” and the closer “Sweet Chariot.” While not essential for casual fans, it is an interesting album worth tracking down for Emmylou Harris fans. (by Vik Iyengar)

Steve Cash (harmonica)
Barbara Cowart (background vocals)
Gail Davies (background vocals)
Hank DeVito (guitar, dobro, pedal steel.guitar)
Philip Donnelly (guitar)
Bessyl Duhon (accordion)
Ray Flacke (guitar)
Vince Gill (guitar, background vocals)
Emory Gordy (bass, guitar)
Emmylou Harris (vocals, guitar)
John Jarvis (keyboards)
Waylon Jennings (guitar, vocals)
Shane Keister  (keyboards)
Paul Kennerley (guitar)
Russ Kunkel (drums)
Albert Lee (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Larrie Londin (drums, percussion)
Dolly Parton (background vocals)
Tom Roady (percussion)
Linda Ronstadt (background vocals)
Gary Scruggs (harmonica)
Buddy Spicher (fiddle)
Barry Tashian (guitar)
Barry Tashian (vocals)
Holly Tashian (vocals)
Bobby Thompson (banjo, guitar)

01. The Ballad Of Sally Rose (Harris/Kennerley) 2.47
02. Rhythm Guitar (Harris/Kennerley) 3.19
03. I Think I Love Him/You Are My Flower/Heart To Heart (Harris/Kennerley/Carter) 3.29
04. Woman Walk The Line (Harris/Kennerley)     4:06
05. Bad News (Harris/Kennerley) 1.48
06. Timberline (Harris/Kennerley) 2.52
07. Long Tall Sally Rose (Harris/Kennerley) 1.35
08. White Line (Harris/Kennerley) 3.43
09. Diamond In My Crown (Harris/Kennerley) 2.58
10. The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (Harris/Kennerley) 3.42
11. K-S-O-S (Instrumental Medley): 2.50
11.1. Ring Of Fire (Carter/Kilgore)
11.2. Wildwood Flower (Carter)
11.3. Six Days On The Road (Greene/Montgomery)
12. Sweet Chariot (Harris/Kennerley) 2.59



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