John Klumper- Forbidden Fruit – UK Singles 1963 – 1969 No 6 (1986)

ForbiddenFruit06_01AI have a large collection of fanzines and I will open my archive with a very special one: John Klumper´s “Forbidden Fruit” magazine from the 80´s of the last century.

Forbidden Fruit was an A5 size fanzine/booklett by a Dutch guy called John Klumper, and it came as 11 separate little A5 volumes. (the last one was Vols 11 & 12 Combined) It was subtitled “Uk Singles 1963-1969″

It was bought by a 4 issue per year subscription, and ran from 1985 to 1988.

It was a real work of love, as each band got it’s line up and some history if known, and all UK releases by them and type of music etc.. considering this was pre internet, the work involved was staggering.. (by woodbutcher)

And someone wrote in an internet forum called “”: “Probably very hard to find but now at least I now know what I’m looking for.”

And here is the No. 6 … (published 1986) … from the Mike Leander Orchestra to The Moods.

I this issue John Klumper wrote two articels: “U.K. Beat in Denmark” and U.K. Movement in Greece during Sixties”

Hard to believe: all informations was written with a simple typewriter ,,, long time ago …

And I will publish in the next weeks all edition of this fantastic fanzine !




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