Various Artists – Heritage Of Wales (1999)

FrontCover1Wales is known as “The Land Of Song” and what beter way to demonstrate its musical heritage than by the glorious voices of the choirs of Morriston Orpheus and CCaerphilly Male Voice Choir, together with soprano Mary Thomas accompanied by Sheila Romberg on harp.

Many beaitiful songs are here ..

Aberystwyth, Cwm Rhondda and the stirring Balld Of Rorke´s Drift sung by the Cwrt-Y-Gollen Junior Choir.

Caerphilly Male Voice Choir

Caerphilly Male Voice Choir

Here is a legacy of well known music from the heart of Wales and from the rich, varied and fascinating Welsh musical traditions.

Morriston Orpheus Choir

Morriston Orpheus Choir

01. Caerphilly Male Voice Choir: Land Of My Fathers (James) 2.35
02. Mary Thomas: Home (Evans/Mynyddog/Traditional) 2.31
03. Caerphilly Male Voice Choir: Welsh Rhapsody (Grundman) 4.52
04. Morriston Orpheus Choir: Aberystwyth (Parry) 3.03
05. Mary Thomas: Suo Gan (Traditional) 2.42
06. Caerphilly Male Voice Choir: God Bless The Prince Of Wales (Traditional) 2.39
07. Mary Thomas: The Ash Grove (Traditional) 2.16
08. Morriston Orpheus Choir: When I Survey The Wonderous Cross (Miller/Watts) 4.29
09. Caerphilly Male Voice Choir: All Through The Night (Traditional) 2.56
10. Morriston Orpheus Choir: Arwelfa (Hughes) 3.36
11. Mary Thomas: Bells Of Aberdovey (Traditional) 2.10
12. Cwrt-Y-Gollen Band: Tretower Court (Traditional) 2.54
13. Mary Thomas: Lisa Lan (Traditional) 2.00
14. Cwrt-Y-Gollen Junior Choir: Ballad Of Rorke’s Drift (Garrity) 4.35
15. Cwrt-Y-Gollen Band: Welsh Medley: Men Of Harlech/Sospan Fach/All Through The Night (Traditional) 2.09
16. Mary Thomas: David Of The White Rock (Traditional) 2.21
17. Morriston Orpheus Choir: Cwm Rhondda (Hughes/Williams/Traditional) 2.55



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