Leslie West – Still Climbing (2013)

FrontCover1Legendary hard rock guitarist Leslie West — best known for his work with Mountain and the Vagrants — shows that he’s not about to start slowing down despite a career that’s spanned six decades with this set of passionate, blues-influenced rock & roll. Still Climbing features West offering up his trademark meaty guitar riffs and gale-force vocals while accompanied by a handful of guest stars, including blues guitar legend Johnny Winter, Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, and modern-day bluesman Jonny Lang. Along with a handful of fresh original songs, Still Climbing also includes new interpretations of “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “Over the Rainbow,” and “Feeling Good.” (by Mark Deming)


After having the promotion of his 2011’s “Usual Suspects” curtailed by a right leg amputation, Mountain frontman Leslie West wanted to come out roaring with its follow-up, “Still Climbing.”

Poster“My brother (Larry) came up with the name. I think we asked people on my Facebook to come up with ideas, but he’s claiming responsibility for it,” the singer-guitarist tells Billboard. “Listen, everybody gets knocked down in life, but how you choose to get up is totally up to you. I see soldiers, man, double amputees; they’ve got it a lot worse than me. It’s just a good thing it wasn’t my hand, you know? But it’s not a pity party for me here, believe me. I’ve gone through some life-changing things, but I just wanted to make an album that continued on sound-wise, production-wise, song-wise, from the last one. I’m really happy with the way it came out. The songs seem better, and I’m really proud of it.” (by Gary Graff)

And many songs were co-written by the wife of Leslie West … Jennifer West-Weinstein.

David Biglin (guitar, keyboards, strings)
Elaine Caswell (vocals)
Mike “Metal” Goldberg (drums)
Arno Hecht (saxophone)
Rev Jones (bass)
Larry Weinstein (bass)
Leslie West (guitar, vocals)
Jonny Lang (guitar, vocals on 08.)
Dylan Rose (guitar on 10.)
Dee Snider (vocals on 06.)
Mark Tremonti (guitar on 01.)
Johnny Winter (guitar on 02.)

01. Dyin’ Since the Day I Was Born (feat.Mark Tremonti) (Tiven/West) 4.16
02. Busted, Disgusted Or Dead (feat: Johnny Winter) (Tiven/West) 3.22
03. Fade Into You (Jenkins/McAnally/Rosen) 4,08
04. Not Over You At All (feat: Arno Hecht) (West/West-Weinstein) 4.27
05. Tales Of Woe (Tiven/West/West-Weinstein) 3,16
06. Feeling Good (feat: Dee Snider) (Bricusse/Newley) 4.1
07. Hatfield Or McCoy (Pizza/West/West-Weinstein) 3,38
08. When A Man Loves A Woman (feat: Jonny Lang) (Lewis/Wright) 5.09
09. Long Red (Landsberg/Pappalardi/Ventura/West) 3.41
10. Don’t Ever Let Me Go (feat, Dylan Rose) (West/West-Weinstein) 3.51
11. Rev Jones Time [Over The Rainbow] (feat: Rev Jones) (Arlen/Harburg) 1.31



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