Richard Galliano – Viaggio (1993)

FrontCover1I listened to this album and I have to say that it’s really really great music…I don’t understand why genious musicians like Richard Galliano and Bireli Lagrene did a beautiful CD like this one and here it seems that anybody knows it! I see no rates….

It’s out of sale, so maybe nobody was interested in buying it, but, guys, it’s ridicolous, this is one of the best album I never listened and people instead of buying it continue to buy the typical commercial albums, actually, this means that people don’t understand anything of music and melody…it’s so sad!! So, maybe me and few people can really taste how much beautiful is the music of Piazzolla, Galliano, Bireli Lagrene, and so on…..

People, stop to take the overrated and overvalued music of the most famous musicians, and begin to open the eyes and above all the ears, and listen also to this music, and music of less known musicians that have talent to sell…..

Thanks Galliano, thanks Bireli, for your music, (by Lorenzo Tosetti)

Recorded at Palais des Congrès Studios on June 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 1993.

Charles Bellonzi (drums)
Richard Galliano (accordion, piano)
Bireli Lagrene (guitar)
Pierre Michelot (bass)

01. Waltz For Nicky (Galliano) 3.23
02. Java Indigo (Galliano) 4.52
03. Viaggio (Galliano) 7.02
04. Billie (Galliano) 7.47
05. Tango Pour Claude (Galliano) 4.09
06. Christopher’s Bossa (Galliano) 5.07
07. Coloriage (Galliano) 5.22
08. Romance (Galliano) 3..25
09. Little Muse (Baselli) 4.36
10. La Liberté Est Une Fleur (Aymé) 2.32


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