Jack Bruce – Cities Of The Heart (Limited Edition) (1994)

FrontCover1It´s time again to celebrate one of the finest jazz & rock musisicans we´ve ever had !

Cities of the Heart is a Jack Bruce live two-CD release of a performance in March 1994 in Cologne, Germany.

This nicely packaged two-CD box set presents legendary rock bassist/vocalist/composer Jack Bruce and his very reputable musical associates performing live in Cologne, Germany. Originally touted as a limited-edition double CD upon its release in 1993, the CMP label subsequently witnessed production/distribution problems, yet in 2001 it seemed as though the German fusion/rock record label might commence reissuing some CDs from its impressive back catalog. These two discs intimate an intriguing insight into Bruce’s career, other than his well-known affiliation with ’60s rock power trio Cream. Here, the artist renders a few soulful ballads, ventures into free jazz territory with saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith and ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker, and also utilizes a brass section for a sprightly R&B rendition of “Born Under a Bad Sign.” An added treat here is the teaming of British guitar hero Gary Moore with Bruce and Baker for a series of hard rock-blues pieces culled from the Cream songbook. (by Glenn Astarita)


This live recording of a series of concerts covers Jack’s career from the beginnings right up to the present. Wonderfully recorded in Cologne Germany in 1993, you get the songs as they were recorded on the albums(horns, etc), not just stripped down live versions. And what a cast of performers! Ginger Baker, Gary Moore, Pete Brown,Bernie Worell, Dick Heckstall Smith, and others who have played with Jack over the years. The Graham Bond years are represented by 2 songs,”neighbor neighbor” and “first time I met the blues”. Lots of Cream tunes too, and the sparks really fly when Jack, Ginger and Gary Moore tear through the Cream tunes. There are even a couple of tunes from Jack’s second solo album, “things we like”. Don’t know when these tunes have been done in concert before. Over all, a thoroughly enjoyable set that shows that he is still a force in live rock music. Highly recommended.(Rick from Boston)

Booklet07AThis is a wonderful culmination of Jack’s musical life shared with his friends. The first CD is a mix of some Jazz and Blues tracks. The first couple are smaller groups, better songs, and more interesting. By the time the big groups get in and play together, it gets kind of cheesy.
The second disc starts with some of Jack’s standards, with a wonderful mix of artists. My personal favorite are the tracks with Ginger Baker and Gary Moore blasting through some old Cream tunes. They’re awesome, and really were much better than the subsequent BBM project produced.
If you’re a long time Jack Bruce fan, this is really a terrific album that is both interesting and fun. The sound quality is great, and some of the tracks are just amazing. (by Andy Freed)


This is the original limited edition with two booklets ! The second, very special booklet was called “A photographic souvenir by Guido Harari” and it includes many black & white pictures from this birthday concert.

What a line-up ! But I miss “White Room” !

Ginger Baker (drums)
Pete Brown (vocals, percussion)
Jack Bruce (bass, piano, vocals)
Jonas Bruce (piano)
Malcolm Bruce (keyboards)
Dave “Clem” Clempson (guitar)
Gary “Mudbone” Cooper (vocals)
François Garny (bass)
Dick Heckstall-Smith (saxophone)
Gary Husband (drums)
Henry Lowther (trumpet)
Gary Moore (guitar)
John Mumford (trombone)
Simon Phillips (drums)
Maggie Reilly (vocals)
Art Themen (saxophone)
Bernie Worrell (piano)


CD 1:
01. Can You Follow? (Brown/Bruce) 1.56
02. Running Through Our Hands (Brown/Bruce/Godfrey) 4.13
03. Over The Cliff (Bruce/Goldsmith) 3.46
04. Statues (Bruce) 7.37
05. First Time I Met the Blues (Montgomery) 4.47
06. Smiles & Grins (Bruce/Brown) 9.48
07. Bird Alone (Bruce/Brown) 9.56
08. Neighbor, Neighbor(Alton/Valler) 5.32
09. Born Under A Bad Sign (Bell/Jones) 6.17

CD 2:
01. Ships in the Night (Brown/Bruce) 5.20
02. Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune (Brown/Bruce) 4.19
03. Theme For An Imaginary Western (Brown/Bruce) 6.00
04. Golden Days (Bruce) 5.38
05. Life On Earth (Bruce) 5.21
06. N.S.U. (Bruce) 6.29
07. Sitting On Top Of The World (Chatmon/Vinson) 6.52
08. Politician (Brown/Bruce) 5.39
09. Spoonful (Dixon) 9.13
10. Sunshine Of Your Love” (Brown/Bruce/Clapton) 8.07




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