Focus – Live In America (2003)

FrontCover1 After a reunion or back to studio , whatever you wan to call it, Focus released “Focus 8” in 2002 year, an excellent album by the way and which marked a good comeback from one of the prog monsters on the 70`s, the “sad” thing is that we can`t enjoy the talent and exquisite sound of Jan Akkerman`s guitar, instead of him, another good guitarist called Jan Dumee appeared on the album making a great work.

One year later, Focus made a tour and the line up of Focus 8 remained with Thijs Van Leer (who???), Bert Smaak on drums, Jan Dumee on guitars and Bobby Jacobs on bass, so they made some concerts in the US and released this album from a concert there called “Focus: Live in America”.

It was a pleasure for fans to see a reunion and release of a new album, also a pleasure to see them touring and above all, a pleasure to enjoy their classic music. This DVD features 10 songs, if I´m not wrong they didn`t include any song from their latest album then “Focus 8” ironically, but they did include some of their most well known and loved songs such as “Eruption”, “Sylvia”, “La Cathedral de Strasbourgo” and obviously “Hocus Pocus”.

Tray1For me all this album is excellent, beautiful music, symphonic sound at it`s best, jazz touches here and there and rockier pieces that would make you have a nice time, if you are familiar with the band, please watch this video surely you will enjoy it , and if you are not familiar,i would recommend first to listen to their earlier studio albums and then watch this, Thijs Van Leer shows his unique and very talented style.

Besides the songs that I mentioned above, you will find another classic such as “Focus 1”, “Sylvia” or “House Of The King”, besides a slice of Van Leer`s flute delicious solo, probably the performance of “Eruption” is my favorite moment here, this is a concert, not a show so dont expect weird things, just sit, relax and enjoy the music. (by memowakeman)

And: it´s time to hear all these classic Focus albums from the early Seventies again !

Jan Dumee (guitar)
Bobby Jacobs (bass)
Thijs van Leer (keyboards, flute, vocals)
Bert Smaak (drums)

01. Focus I (v.Leer) 12.59
02. House Of The King (Akkerman) 2.53
03. Focus II (v.Leer) 5.21
04. Eruption (v.Leer) 16.28
05. Sylvia (v.Leer) 4.35
06. Focus V (v.Leer) 4.38
07. Cathedral de Strasbourg (v.Leer) 6.47
08. Focus VII (v.Leer) 9.55
09. Hocus Pocus (v.Leer/Akkerman) 9.46
10. Focus III (v.Leer) 4.46


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