Sergio Mendes – Quiet Nights (1967)

FrontCover1Eager to get on the Mendes bandwagon at the height of his hitmaking string with A&M, Philips issued this set of recordings from its Brazilian affiliate in 1968. We hear Mendes as a jazz-slanted proponent of the bossa nova, taking on a typical assortment of standards like “One Note Samba,” “Desafinado,” “Manha de Carnaval,” “Corcovado” and a few lesser-known tunes. Mendes’ gift for spare melodic improvisation is most evident here, yet he also seems a bit restrained and tentative, a young artist going with the prevalent style while still trying to find his own way. The backing personnel is not listed, but Mendes is clearly at home with a team of vibes, guitar, bass and drums, sometimes producing a Shearing-like texture with the vibraphone. In all, a typical, low-key bossa nova record from the boom period, not something that would excite those who bought it in 1968 expecting another “The Look of Love.” (by Richard S. Ginell)

This LP was not released in Brazil and was recorded in the USA, February, 1963, just before the anthological Carnegie Hall Show. This LP is FANTASTIC with Sergio backed up by Dave Pike. Eddie Higgins was invited by Dave Pike to play vibes on Insensatez, since Dave was unfamiliar with the harmony. The bass player was Tiao Neto, drumming is credited to Chico Batera. I spoke with Chico Batera to bring more clarification about this LP and Chico said that he did take part at the recording session and is quite sure that Edison Machado did it. The guitar player is still unknown. Hearing the acoustic guitar, it seems that Oscar Castro Neves or even Antonio Carlos Jobim would be playing. (by Caetano Rodrigues)

Chico Batera (drums)
Edison Machado (drums)
Sergio Mendes (piano)
Sebastiao Neto (bass)
David Pike (vibraphone)
an unknown guitar player
Eddie Higgins (vibraphone on 09.)

01. Desafinado (Jobim/Mendonça) 3.31
02. One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota Só) (Jobim/Mendonça) 3.31
03. Morning Of The Carnival (Manhã de Carnaval) (Bonfá/Maria) 3.47
04. Meditação (Meditation) (Jobim/Mendonça) 3.28
05. The Tower (Neto) 3.10
06. O Peixe (Traut) 3.05
07. Quiet Nights (Corcovado) (Jobim) 3.00
08. Só Danço Samba (Jobim/de Moraes) 2.13
09. Insensatez (How Insensitive) (Jobim/de Moraes) 3.21
10. Amor Em Paz (Love In Peace) (Jobim/de Moraes) 4.03
11. Infinity (Pike) 2.42
12. Abraço a Sergio (Higgins) 2.21


Cannonball Adderley Quintet – Vienna (1972)

FrontCover1From the Miles Davis sextet in 1959 to appearing on the Kung Fu TV series in 1975; and even getting a tribute by Joe Zawinul on Weather Report’s Black Market album, that’s a big arch for anyone, but probably all in a day’s work for Cannonball Adderley.

This is a fine electric jazz show from a finely-honed unit. Keyboardist George Duke has some stellar moments on Black Messiah while Cannonball’s brother, Nat, gets to shine on Hummin’. Meanwhile, Soli Tomba entrances with its Asian feel. For those not familiar with this show (seems well circulated among Cannonball fans), you will be easily tempted to leave it on repeat mode.

Recorded live at the Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria; November 4, 1972.
Very good FM broadcast.


Cannonball Adderley (saxophone)
Nat Adderley (cornet)
Walter Booker (bass)
George Duke (piano)
Roy McCurdy (drums)

01. Band introduction by Kurt Votava 0.39
02. Black Messiah (Duke) 19.16
03. Hummin’ (N.Adderley) 10.03
04. Soli Tomba (Booker) 5.17
05. Directions (Zawinul) 4.35
06. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Zawinul) 3.18
07. The Scene (N.Adderley/Zawinul) 0.55