John Fogerty – Live USA (1991)

FrontCover1This is John’s already legendary concert for the Vietnam vets at the Capital Center, Washington D.C. Storming versions of old CCR classics, not played for 15 years.

John Fogerty was backed by an unknown LA Band called “The Bonebreakers”.

Fogerty played Creedence material again at a concert in Washington, D.C., for Vietnam veterans that took place on July 4, 1987. The show was aired on HBO. Aside from a guest appearance at the Palomino and performance at the 1986 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, this was the first time Fogerty had performed any Creedence Clearwater Revival songs for a large audience since 1972.

And this is the story about John Fogerty and Fantasy Records:

What makes the story authentically tragic is that CCR planted the seeds of its own destruction, signing a disastrous contract with Fantasy Records just as they were about to hit it big. Fogerty lost control of his own compositions. All of his hits for Creedence were owned by Fantasy, and he was on the hook to deliver hundreds more songs in the coming years — but he refused to do it. Fogerty says he reaped only a fraction of the money that was rolling in. The band got caught up in an offshore tax scheme that he says was engineered by Fantasy, snaring them in a federal investigation that ate up his savings in legal fees. Creedence songs kept cropping up in commercials, and Fogerty had no authority to prevent them from being used. The predicament gave him an ulcer by age 24 and bottled him up for decades — he quit music for long periods and took refuge in booze. Being sued for plagiarizing your own work — which he eventually was — must rank high on life’s frustration meter.

AlternateFrontCoversAlternate frontcovers

For all that, it was in many ways Fogerty’s stubbornness that deprived the world of years and years of his music and performances. He simply refused to play ball by rules he felt were unfair. An emotional high point of the book comes in 1987, when he plays a show in Washington for Vietnam veterans. For the first time in years, he performs the old Creedence tunes — “Born on the Bayou,” “Who’ll Stop the Rain” — and the vets go wild. Afterward, one of the vets gives Fogerty his service medal. Overwhelmed, Fogerty pins it to his guitar strap.

What a great concert …  a triumph about Saul “Mr. Greed” Zaentz.

This is a German bootleg; the last three tracks are bonus tracks rom the Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, California, December 7, 1986. The concert for the Vietnam vets at the Capital Center, Washington D.C is a broadcast recording … excellent quality !

John Fogerty (guitar, vocals)
The Bonebreakers:
Charlie Harrison (keyboards)
Gerald Johnson (bass)
Donald Lindley (drums)
Jack Wargo (guitar)
Bobby King.(background vocals)

01. The Old Man Down The Road / Born In The Bayou (Fogerty) 4.50
02. Down In The Corner (Fogerty) 2.33
03. Who`ll Stop The Rain (Fogerty) 2.26
04. Up Around The Bend (Fogerty) 2.45
05. The Midnight Special     3:44
06. Bad Moon Rising (Fogerty) 2.10
07. Fortunate Son (Fogerty) 3.11
08. Proud Mary (Fogerty) 5.05
09. Headlines (Fogerty)     4:15
10. I Found A Love (Pickett/Schofield/West) 3.57
11. Change In The Weather (Fogerty) 11.57




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