Strange Things (Are Happening) (Magazine) – Volume 1 – Number 2 (1988)

StrangeThingsJune1988_01AHere is another magazin from my archive:

Recently included in Ugly Things’ list of the greatest fanzines of all time, Strange Things was different from the run-of-the-mill zines. Although rooted in the great music of the ’60s and early ’70s, the editors and writers found room to cover everything from Krazy Kat comics to the Barbarella movie. Excellent, entertaining writing from Brian Hogg and colleagues, and a timelessly cool layout. More magazines should be like this!

Strange Things (Are Happening) was a part of Bam-Caruso Records:

Bam-Caruso, the pioneering record label, started in 1983 by Phil Smee, growing from the dying embers of St Albans “Waldo’s Records”, with a mission to record the best new sounds emerging from the UK and America’s so called “paisley underground”, and merge them with rare and unknown psyche and garage/pop gems from the ’60s, to be licensed in.

Enjoy this rare and brilliant magazine from the 80´s … more issues will come !







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