Savoy Brown – Skin N Bone (1976)

FrontCover1With this 1976 release, the follow-up to 1975’s WIRE FIRE, the songwriting team of Kim Simmonds & Paul Raymond (later of UFO) came up with 5 great songs plus a cover of Hank Ballard’s “She’s The One”. The songs hint at a more rocking direction that the band (minus Raymond) would later take to the max on their
next release, 1978’s SAVAGE RETURN. Simmonds,Raymond & drummer
Tom Farnell are joined by newcomer Ian Ellis (replacing WIRE FIRE bassist Andy Rae). Ellis would later take over lead vocals (from the departing Raymond) on the rockin’ SAVAGE RETURN.
All in all, this ranks as one of Savoy Brown’s most accessible albums. Highlights include Erding77Athe almost UFO-like “Get On Up & Do It” & the only non-studio cut “Walkin’ & Talkin'”. This track was recorded live at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland. Almost 13 minutes long,it features dual vocals from Simmonds & Raymond.
Besides Simmonds’ stunning guitar playing,it also features him on an impressive,extended harmonica solo. (by an amazon customer)

The title track is seven and a half minutes of impassioned mid-tempo rock, with Simmonds and keyboard master Paul Raymond turning in some wonderful soloing, while rhythm section Ian Ellis on bass and Tommy Farnell on drums keep the time impressively. Finally, Savoy Brown has always been a most formidable live act, and “Walkin’ and Talkin'” is more than thirteen minutes of delightful blues strut before a very appreciative audience. Kim and Paul share vocals on this number, proof that in lean times, the band continued to make excellent music live. (by another amazon customer)

Indeed, the titel track is full of magic and “Walkin’ And Talkin'” is one of the best live songs Savoy Brown ever recorded. That´s what I call BLUES POWER !


Ian Ellis (bass, background vocals)
Tom Farnell (drums)
Raul Raymond (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals, harmonica)


01. Get On Up And Do It (Raymond/Simmonds) 3.13
02. Part Time Lady (Raymond/Simmonds)     5:00
03. This Day Is Gonna Be Our Last (Raymond/Simmonds)     5:21
04. She’s The One (Ballard) 3.36
05. Skin ‘N’ Bone (Raymond/Simmonds) 7.42
06. Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Raymond/Simmonds) 12.14




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