Savoy Brown – Live At The Bottom Line, New York (1976)

SavoyBrownFrontCover1This is another Savoy Brown bootleg … from a period which was a very good period fpr Savoy Brown, because the musical partnership between Kim Simmonds and Paul Raymond was a very good one.

Paul Raymond  left Chicken Shack and both Andy Silvester and Dave Bidwell followed on shortly afterwards to join him in blues band Savoy Brown filling the gap left by former members Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens and Roger Earl who had deserted guitarist Kim Simmonds to form the band Foghat.  His tenure with Savoy Brown lasted from 1971-1976 encompassing 6 albums, including Street Corner Talking and Hellbound Train. During this period of relentless tour schedules and various line-up changes the band enjoyed major success in the USA, breaking into the Billboard Top 100 and playing prestigious venues such as Madison Square Garden.

This is a show to promote the great Skin & Bone album … and it´s a probably one of the finest Savoy Brown bootlegs ever recorded … an excellent radio show !


Ian Ellis (bass, background vocals)
Tom Farnell (drums)
Raul Raymond (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Kim Simmonds (guitar, vocals, harmonica)


 Alternate frontcover

01. Part Time Lady (Raymond/Simmonds) 08.01
02. Get On Up And Do It (Raymond/Simmonds) 4.03
03. Hero To Zero (Raymond/Simmonds) 9.44
04. Walkin’ And Talkin’ (Raymond/Simmonds) 16.37
05. Memory Pain (Mayfield) 7.55
06. She’s The One  (Ballard) 4.20
07. Hellbound Train (Simmonds/Silvester) 16.48
08. Tell Mama (Raymond/Simmonds) 6.51


Another alternate frontcover



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