Stephen Edmundson – Silver Apples Of The Moon (1992)

FrontCover1Stephen Edmundson is an US new age musician and this is his debut album … Recorded at the Bear Creek Recording Studio, Los Gato, California in 1989.

Stephen Edmundson plays the Hammered Dulcimer, a rare instrument, that has been experiencing a revival lately, especially in Celtic music. His main focus is the music of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Brittany.
Filling out the repertoire are select pieces from the Renaissance and Classical periods. The brilliant, ringing tone of the Hammered Dulcimer is completed by the soft and relaxing sounds of the whistle and flute.

Two kind of harp are used on this recording: one is the wire-strung harp, the other is the more common nylon-strung harp.
The hammered dulcimer is a many-stringed, trapezoidal shaped
instrument, played with small wooden mallets.

Are real fine new age album, very gentle and soft … and you´ll hear tradtionals from all over the world …

Stephen Edmundson lives today in Göttingen (Germany) and is still active with guitar player Tomasz Gaworek.


Hannah Beckham (violoncello)
Stephen Edmundson (harp, dulcimer, flute, voice, whistle)
Todd Hicks (guitar)
Jeb Hogan (guitar)


01. Fanny Poer 3.21
02. Winter Has Come 2.30
03. Jenny Plucked The Pear 1.17
04.An Hani a Garan 2.13
05. Molly MacAlpin 4.05
06. Lark on the Strand 1.40
07. The Kid On The Mountain 1.59
08. Gaelic Waltz 3.14
09. White Hart 1.41
10. Greensleeves 1.19
11. La Guabina 2.12
12. Voices Of The Rain Forest 3.31
13. Bird Of Paradise 0.54
14. Bailecito 2.32
15. Enchanted Valley 4.16
16. Lyenda 4.07
17. Charm Danse 3.30
18. Yedid Nefesh 3.56

All songs are Traditionals




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