Eugen Guennadi Novikov – Quinta Cuearda (????)

FrontCover1This album is the fifth CD that records Eugen in Ronda, one of the oldest cities in Spain and known for its history and culture. The development of the Spanish guitar is also linked with Ronda, city of dreams. In the second half of the sixteenth century, the citizen of Ronda Vicente Espinel distributed the fifth string guitar, the highest of all, the big F, also called “premium”.

Eugen Guennadi Novikov was born in 1963 in Belarus. He studies music since age 6. He made his career in classical and traditional music at the Conservatory of Belarus. After his studies he organized and conducted the orchestra of traditional instruments “Mensk”. Eugen plays different musical instruments: guitar, balalaika, piano, lute. He began playing the guitar from his friend and mentor Barrere Farias. This great musicin inspired with his playing the guitar of Eugen.

He is a winner of national music competitions (Belarus) and international (Germany, Poland)

The last 15 years he lives and works in Spain. 10 years dedicated to Ronda. He has worked with different musical groups: Group “Cuerdas de Oro”, Trio “Rondo” and now leads the orchestra “Sierra de Ronda – Fifth String”. (taken from the original liner-notes).

Here you will here his fine mixture between “Barroca, Clásica and Romantica” …


Eugen Guennadi Novikov (guitar)


Eugen Guennadi Novikov live in Ronda/Spasin (May 2016)

01. Passacaglia (Händel) 4.37
02. Prelude No 1- El clave bien temperado (Bach) 2.19
03. Adagio (Albinoni) 5.59
04. Lágrima (Tárrega) 2.38
05. Valse No 2 (Chopin) 4.02
06. Malaguena (Lecuona) 4.38
07. Romance Anóniomo (Traditional) 2.59
08. Capricho Árabe (Tárrega) 5.20
09. Sounds Of Bells (Guimataes) 2.41
10. Otono (Piazzola) 3.39
11.  La Paloma (Iradier) 2.21
12. Alfonsina y Mar (Ramirez) 4.34
13. Retro Popurri 6.02
13.1. Moonlight Serenade (Miller)
13.2. Le Mer (Trenet)
13.3. The Third Man (Karas)
14. Spain (Corea) 4.26
15. Classical Gas (Williams) 3.06






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