Zoot Money – Mr. Money (1980)

FrontCover1It´s about time to celebrate the one and only Mr. Zoot Money !

And this is the stroy behind this rare album (never re-release as a CD  – as far as I know !) from 1980:

As is well known, Zoot Money and the Big Roll Band went on to become a major part of the British rhythm and blues scene, reaching the Top Thirty singles charts in 1966 with “Big Time Operator”. For some years Zoot also combined music with acting. Though too modest to say so, he is thought to be the only person ever to have taken a phone call from Paul McCartney while in prison. (He was filming the movie of “Porridge” with Ronnie Barker on location in Chelmsford Prison in 1979 when one of the warders asked him “is your name Money? There’s some bloke named McCartney on the phone for you”. The result was the 1980 album “Mr. Money”, issued on Paul McCartney’s MPL label.) (by alkirtley.co.uk)


The UK lables

And so you can hear now another crazy album by the unique Zoot Money (produced by Jim Diamond) … another rare  collector´s on ths blog.

Enjoy the sentimental journey !


A rare pic from the 80´s: Bournemouth Town Hall (ca 1985):
Rog Collis, Dick Ashby, Zoot Money (on guitar !), Al Kirtley

Les Davidson (guitar)
Martin Drover (trumpet)
Zoot Money (keyboards, vocals)
Francis Monkman (synthesizer)
Dick Morrissey (saxophone)
Jim Mullen (guitar)
Paul Robinson (drums)
Nick South (bass)
background vocals:
Derek James – Kasim Sultan – Vicki Brown


01. Your Feets Too Big (Benson/Fisher) + Two Of Us (Allen/Money) 7.37
02. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive (Arlen/Mercer) 3,32
03. Hello (Allen/Money) 2.47
04. Riders In The Sky (Jones) 3.51
05. Can I Get Closer To You (Allen/Money) 3.34
06. It’s Too Soon To Know (Chessler) 3.11
07. Careless Hands (Hilliard/Sigman) 3.44
08. Ain’t Nothin’ Shakin’ But The Balcon (Money) 3.01
09. Sentimental Journey (Homer/Green/Brown) 4.50




Still alive and well:
Zoot Money live in 2016
at the Bull´s Head, London

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