Peter Bardens – Write My Name In The Dust (1971)

FrontCover1.JPGPeter Bardens (19 June 1944 – 22 January 2002) was a keyboardist and a founding member of the British progressive rock group Camel. He played keyboards, and wrote songs with Andrew Latimer. During his career, Bardens worked alongside Rod Stewart, Mick Fleetwood and Van Morrison, and recorded solo albums. Being managed by John Schatt of The Filmpow Group.

Bardens was born in Westminster, London to Dennis Bardens, a novelist and biographer, and grew up in Notting Hill. He studied fine art at Byam Shaw School of Art, and learned the piano, before switching to the Hammond organ after listening to Jimmy Smith. In 1965, he spent a brief spell as the keyboard player with Them after leaving The Cheynes. He moved on and formed Peter B’s Looners which eventually morphed into Shotgun Express, a band that played soul music and featured Rod Stewart, Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood. Fleetwood later said Barden’s recruitment into the band kick-started his musical career.

In 1970, he formed The Village and recorded The Answer, an album featuring Peter Green and Andy Gee. Bardens recorded an eponymous album in 1971 which was released in the United States as Write My Name in the Dust before forming Camel in 1972 … (by wikipedia)


Write My Name in the Dust was the American release of Pete Bardens’ second album, which was simply titled Peter Bardens in the U.K., though the contents were identical. It was a curious low-key, slightly downbeat affair whose unspectacular mixture of hard rock, blues, some female soul-gospel backup vocal arrangements, and more meditative jazz-classical-influenced progressive music was very much of its time. Bardens’ first album (1970’s The Answer) had suffered from drawn-out song construction, a trait that remained present to a large degree here, though without guitarist Peter Green on hand to help lift the proceedings. There was a lethargic hangover feel to tracks like “Feeling High,” and attempts at pure blues and lighthearted music hall on briefer tracks were inconsequential distractions. The more serious and stately passages demonstrated Bardens’ formidable genre-blending skills as a keyboardist, particularly on organ. But the material wasn’t up to the standard of his playing, though the lighter, more focused moodiness of “Sweet Honey Wine” resulted in the record’s best track. (by Richie Unterberger)

And the titeltrack is one of the best songs, Peter Bardens ever wrote !


UK front+back cover

Peter Bardens (keyboards, vocals)
Victor Brox (violin, cornet, jew´s harp, vocals)
Reg Isadore (drums, percussion)
Vic Linton (guitar)
John Owen (bass)
Andy Gee (guitar on 08. + 09.) (2) (tracks: B4, B5)
background vocals:
Anita Pollinger – Judy Powell – Linda Lewis – Liza Strike – Maxine Iffla


01. North End Road (Bardens) 1.25
02. Write My Name In The Dust (Bardens)     6:34
03. Down So Long (Bardens/Isadore/Linton/Owen) 7.00
04. Sweet Honey Wine (Bardens) 4.26
05. Tear Down The Wall (Bardens) 7.21
06. Simple Song (Bardens) 2.20
07. My House (Bardens) 6.17
08. Feeling High (Bardens) 5.08
09. Blueser (Bardens) 2.15



Write my name in the dust:


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