Steve Marriott & Peter Frampton – Humble Pie Reunion Demos (1991)

FrontCover1Humble Pie was formed in late 1968 when Steve Marriott, guitarist and incomparable blues rock vocalist, left the Small Faces, and joined forces with guitarist/singer Peter Frampton, formerly of The Herd, ex-Spooky Tooth bassist Greg Ridley, and 17 year-old drummer Jerry Shirley. Few people today remember Steve Marriott, and that’s a pity. His voice was what Jimmy Page wanted Robert Plant to sound like, and Plant openly emulated Marriott. Humble Pie’s fade out from rock consciousness was due to multitude of factors. Their studio albums were relatively poor sellers, and relying so heavily on cover songs probably worked against them. The group disbanded in 1975, reunited briefly in 1979, then saw Marriott quit and move back to England in 1983. In 1991, he and Peter Frampton were collaborating on a possible HP reunion in California, when Steve rather abruptly flew home to England. Marriott was tragically killed in a fire at his home on April 19, 1991. (by

This was the last recordings of Steve Marriott and the tracklist is very interesting, because Frampton & Marriott recorded some old songs from the Seventies …  includig new versions of songs like “Why I Need the Blues” (originally recorded by “Cochise” … but I guess this is the original version – with Steve Marriott as a background singer – and not a Frampton/Marriott version from 1991, unfortunately I have not the time to check this out) or “And The Band Played On” (original recorded by the great “Back Street Crawler” feat. Paul Kossoff … (maybe another fake, it sounds like the original version).

So, this is a very mysterious, strange bootleg … but … songs like “The Bigger They Come” and “I Won’t Let You Down” are definitely songs from this early 1991 sessions … a few months before Steve Marriott died …


Steve Marriott

Peter Frampton (guitar, vocals)
Steve Marriott (guitar, vocals, harmonica)
unknown studio musicians

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton

01. Scratch My Back (Big Black Dog) (Frampton/Shirley/Ridley/Marriott) 4.10
02. Why I Need the Blues (That´s Why I Sing The Blues) ( 4.14 (7.1MB)
03. Rolling Stone Part 2 (Morganfield) 4.02
04. And The Band Played On (Wilson) 4.38
05. The Bigger They Come I (Frampton/Marriott/Regan) 4:21
06. Groove By You I (unknown) 0.21
07. The Bigger They Come II (Frampton/Marriott/Regan) 4.17
08. I Won’t Let You Down I (Frampton/Msrriott) 4:31
09. The Bigger They Come III  (Frampton/Marriott/Regan) 4.20
10. Groove By You II (unknown) 3.11
11. Cold Hearted Head (unknown) 2.28
12. I Won’t Let You Down II (Frampton/Marriott) 4.36


A very special performance


4 thoughts on “Steve Marriott & Peter Frampton – Humble Pie Reunion Demos (1991)

  1. “And The Band Played On” is definitely not a version of the Backstreet Crawler song. I can’t identify the actual song in this recording, unless it is a Marriott/Frampton original.


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