Eric Clapton – The Man & His Music (VHS rip) (1990)

frontcover1Since a few days I have the oppurtunity, to rip old VHS tapes for this blog. I will start with an Eric Clapton documentary, released in 1990:

This documentary about Eric Clapton created for The Southbank Show (BBC) 1987.

It is a mark of his genius that “Clapton is God” was to become a common piece of graffiti in Britain during he 60´s and 70´s. This tribute from The Southbank Show, packed with many of Clapton´s famous tracks including “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight”, is a unique look at the man and his music.

From the day his grandmother brought him an electric guitar there was no doubt where the young Eric was bound. “The Yardbirds” and “The Blues Breakers” where the early vehicles for “Slow Hand” but most important of all where the years with “Cream” – recaptured here with vintage footage.

That Clapton is able to talk frankly and freely about his former drug and alcohol related problems, underlines the inner resilience of an exceptional man.

Also including footage of his magnificent performance at the Live Aid concert, this is a video which will captivate his fans everywhere (take from linernotes).

On thsi video you can see a very rare jam between Eric & Jack Bruce … recorded for this documentation als a special !

And here are some pics from the movie:












(click the pic to enlarge)

Note: Please don´t forget, that this ia a rip from an old VHS tape ! Maybe more old tapes like this (including rare private shots) will come.


(click the pic to enlarge)



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