Rolland Hazzard – Young Girls (2014)

frontcover1Rolland Hazzard is a roots rock, folk rock, americana band from Austin, Texas.

Rolland Hazzard is a fine Rock band that can belt out some great jams. Two awesome vocalists and all awesome musicians.

Rolland Hazzard is a indie band … and this is their debut album and I guess, it´s one of the finest debut albums from the last years.

A tasteful mix of early Americana along with the ideals of Laurel Canyon 70’s folk-rock steeped in a large vat of heavy guitars and psychedelic undertones.

“There are incredible bands in Austin making mind blowing music but there are only two bands I would put my entire retirement pension (which at this point is a box of Yo MTV Raps cards and a few hundred VHS tapes) on the line for and that’s Annabelle Chairlegs and Rolland Hazzard. I’ve been chasing bands around and pretending to play guitar for a long long time and I’ve come to realize that what I lack in charisma or personality I make up for with spot on band predictions. Rolland Hazzard are about to skyrocket into the social ether whether the Hotel Vegas crowd is ready to concede to it or not, there are no keymasters to success and art is not a democracy, Rolland Hazzard are the complete package and rightfully so.” (by


Seth Gibbs (drums, vocals)
Matthew Krausse (keyboards, accordion)
Christopher Putney (guitar)
Houston Putney (guitar, vocals)
Justin Smith (bass, vocals)

01. Young Girls 4.56
02. Gold 3.17
03. Hether St. 3.14
04. Fuck Around 5.47
05. My Name 5-33
06. Imaginary Kingdom 4.44
07. Tonight’s Trouble 4.04
08. Baptized 3.30
09. They Don’t Know  3.56
10. Summer Worship 5.36
11. Ghosts Of Memphis 6.04



Rolland Hazzard live at the Hotel Vegas, Austin, November 9, 2014:

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