The Spotnicks – In Winterland (1966)

frontcover1If remembered at all today, it is probably thanks to their silly astronaut costumes, but in the ’60s the Spotnicks were one of the most successful instrumental rock groups, alongside the Shadows and the Ventures. Their very specific sound had more in common with the Shadows, being clean and intentionally gentle. It originated from their first primitive demo recordings, but the record company liked it and, being plastic and twangy, it was promoted as a space sound. Already in the late ’60s it was outdated, but that didn’t stop the group from having big successes throughout the decade. In the ’70s the sound was definitely antiquated, but like the Ventures, the Spotnicks found reliable audiences in Japan and Germany, as well as a cult and nostalgia following around the world. The Spotnicks have sold over 20 million albums, making them among the most successful Swedish groups ever, surpassed perhaps only by ABBA and Roxette. By the late ’90s they had released 39 studio albums, recorded roughly 700 songs, and had more than 100 members in the different constellations of the band. (by

And this is their brilliant Christmas album … let´s talk about “kitsch” … let´s hear The Spotnicks !



Jimmy Nicol (drums)
Bo Starander (guitar, vocals)
Björn Thelin (bass)
Peter Winsnes (organ, vocals)
unknown 2nd guitar player


01. Sleigh Ride (Anderson/Parish) 1.56
02. Winter Wonderland (Smith/Bernard) 2.48
03. Here Comes Santa Claus (Autry) 1.30
04. Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Marks) 2.38
05. Frosty The Snowman (Rollins/Nelson) 2.16
06. Silent Night (Gruber) 2.44
07. White Christmas (Berlin) 2.29
08. Jingle Bells (Traditional) 1.41
09. Winterland (Retep/Sam) 2.16
10. Parade Of Wooden Soldiers (Traditional) 1.43
11. I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus (Connor) 1.35
12. Auld Lang Syne (Lander/Winsnes) 2.08





One thought on “The Spotnicks – In Winterland (1966)

  1. Interesting to see this. Never heard of the Spotnicks before but I recognized the name of Jimmy Nicol. Nicol’s biggest claim to fame is that he filled in for Ringo Starr in the Beatles for a handful of concerts when Ringo was ill.


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