Atomic Rooster – Live At The Marquee 1980 (2002)

Muro do Classic RockLive at the Marquee 1980 is a live album by British rock band Atomic Rooster, recorded at London’s Marquee Club. No known live soundboard recordings exist of the 1980 (Crane/Du Cann/Hammond) lineup of Atomic Rooster and the source cassette tape, belonging to Du Cann, was recorded via a single onstage microphone. (by wikipedia)

These are the last-ever live recordings from the classic Rooster line-up of John Du Cann, Vincent Crane and Paul Hammond, recorded at the Marquee Club in London where they played regularly.

This 1980 gig is drawn from the personal archives of John Du Cann. It marks the return of original drummer Paul Hammond.

John Du Cann has said that the band used up so much energy that immediately on leaving the stage they would feel like collapse, and that the thought of an encore was crippling. (Promotion text)

This rare concert from 1980 features the classic line-up of Vincent Crane on Hammond organ, John Du Cann on guitar and vocals, and Paul Hammond on drums. While the sound quality is average (along the lines of a good bootleg) there is no denying the raw power and energy this band was able to muster on the stage.

Muro do Classic RockMany Atomic Rooster favorites are covered here, including “Death Walks Behind You”, “Tomorrow Night”, “Seven Streets”, and the bands lone hit single “Devil’s Answer.” While earlier live recordings showed the band a bit tighter and Du Cann’s voice in better form, there are still tons of monolithic riffs here, like on “In the Shadows”, and evil Hammond sounds from the master Crane. Some of the more effective tunes in this set happen to be “Gershatzer” and “I Can’t Take No More”, where the band gets to stretch out a bit and jam. Du Cann’s guitar style is like a cross between early Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page, and his bluesy riffs and solos are all over tracks like the raw ‘They Took Control of You” and the tasty instrumental “Watch Out”, where he trades licks with Crane’s funky Hammond lines. Hammond makes his presence felt throughout the set with his maniacal style that for many fans helped ease the loss of Carl Palmer back in the early days of the band.

For Atomic Rooster collectors, this is a must have, but those new to this influential band would be better starting with their first three studio albums first. Despite the average sound quality and cheesy booklet notes, this is a nice package, and a decent live document of an important band in heavy metal and progressive rock history. (Pete Pardo)

Raw and exciting !


JohnDuCann + Vincent Crane, 1980

John Du Cann (guitar, vocals)
Vincent Crane (organ
Paul Hammond (drums)

Muro do Classic Rock

01. They Took Control Of You (J.Du Cann/C. Du Cann) 7.15
02. Death Walks Behind You (Du Cann/Crane) 6.40
03. Watch Out! (Crane) 4.48
04. Tomorrow Night (Crane) 6.29
05. Seven Lonely Streets (Du Cann) 8.37
06. Gershatzer (Crane) 10.04
07. I Can’t Take No More (Du Cann) 8.51
08. In The Shadows (Du Cann) 11.24
09. Devil’s Answer (Du Cann) 5.58
10. Do You Know Who’s Looking For You? (Crane/Du Cann) 4.40
Muro do Classic Rock




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