The Cambridge Buskers – Double Concerto (1979)

frontcover1The Cambridge Buskers were a duo of British musicians, whose career began in the late 1970s and were subsequently called The Classic Buskers. They performed classical music humorously using many instruments, costumes and props.

Michael Copley and David Abraham Gillespie (Dag) Ingram met when they were students at Cambridge University. According to the liner notes of their first recording, their musical association began when they found themselves at the Blackfriars station without enough money for the fare to get home. In an attempt to raise the money from passers-by, they played The Entertainer and Eine kleine Nachtmusik for a while, until they were asked to leave by a London Transport official.

Subsequently, they gained international success with their performances and many recordings, and performed in over 20 countries and in 15 languages until September 2016. It is reported that at one point a Japanese comic strip was written about them.
Ian Moore, another Cambridge University graduate who is also an organist, conductor, composer and singer (formerly in King’s College Choir, Cambridge), later became the accordionist.
The Classic Buskers wrote their own arrangements, primarily of classical works by famous composers. Ian Moore played piano accordion, used his voice, and occasionally other percussion instruments or props. Copley played a variety of woodwind instruments, including flute, recorder, ocarina, and crumhorn. (by wikipedia)

“Technical virtuosity, combined with musical seriousness, humour and high entertainment are a perfect recipe – the audience were delighted.” (Ian Ritchie, City of London Festival Director)

“I was delighted by the Musical Magic show – a winning combination.” (Mark Eynon, Director, Newbury Spring Festival)

And here you listen to one of their great Albums … great musicians, great compositions … played in their very unique and special way. Amazing !

It´s fun … believe me !

Single front + back cover


Michael Copley (Recorder, flute and much more)
Dag Ingram (accordion and much more)

01. Marche Militaire (Schubert) 2.05
02. Hungarian Dance No. 1 (Brahms) 3.18
03. Papageno’s Song (Mozart) 1.15
04. La Rejouissance (Händel) 1.14
05. The Silken Ladder, Overture (Rossini) 3.54
06. Largo From Winter (Vivaldi) 2.03
07. Sabre Dance (Kachaturian) 1.41
08. Jig (Händel) 1.34
09. Farandole (Bizet) 2.19
10. Ding Dong Merrily On High (Traditional) 2.42
11. Theme From Sweet William (Boyce) 1.56
12. Largo  (Bach) 3.49
13. Champagne Air (Mozart) 1.11
14. Dance Of The Blessed Spirits (Gluck) 3.04
15. Courante (Praetorius) 1.50
16. The Dying Swan (Tchaikovsky) 2.26
17. Csardas (Monti) 2.50