Rick Wakeman – Piano Vibrations (1971)

FrontCover1A real strange album !

Piano Vibrations, though promoted in its re-release as the first studio album by English progressive rock keyboardist Rick Wakeman, is not considered a Wakeman album, even by himself. His contributions were limited to performing as a session musician and he did not compose any of the tracks. The album was released in 1971 on Polydor, after Wakeman had signed on to A&M Records. The album developed from Wakeman’s time as a session musician. A&M Records had signed Wakeman on as the Strawbs’ keyboardist at the time of the release.

Piano Vibrations, when it has been reviewed, has been described as “slightly cheesy”,[2] especially in light of Wakeman’s later involvement in progressive rock, but still listenable. (by wikipedia)

This is called Piano Vibrations because it’s part of a series – the ‘Vibrations’ series, put out by a British collective called John Schroeder Productions. Schroeder is only the man who fronts up the money though.


Rick Wakeman about this album:

“This was never meant to be a solo album and to be honest I certainly don’t count it as a solo album in any respect. True it is a piece of history, but not one I’m proud of.

I was actually booked to play piano on a session at Pye Studios in London’s Marble Arch and it was to play on some backtracks for an unknown singer who was due in later that week to put his vocals on.

John SchroederShortly afterwards I started having some success with Strawbs and the next thing we knew was that the album was being put out by PYE Records as Piano Vibrations with no vocalist and with a picture of me on the back.

I was unhappy and A&M Records, who had Strawbs and myself signed, were furious.

I received £9 for my trouble.”

Nothing more to be said.

OUCH… unbeliveable… a chance he played for YES, probably like that he learned to write songs lol… On several songs, he seems to search the notes… The last one, Classical Gas, is probably the best, and note that Steve Howe played that song in the beginning of the 90’s. It’s aviable on “Not necessarily accoustic”… and a classical guitar is well heardable on the Wakeman’s version. Was Steve Howe there? For collectors only … (by spide)

If you like to hear easy listening versions of songs from Elton John, Leon Russell or James Taylor …

Alternate front+ back cover:

Rick Wakeman (piano)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians


01. Take Me To The Pilot (John/Taupin) 2.56
02. Yellow Man (Newman) 2.27
03 Cast Your Fate To The Wind (Guaraldi/Werber) 2.34
04. Gloria, Gloria (Schroeder/King) 3.04
05. Your Song (John/Taupin) 3.47
06. Delta Lady (Russell) 3.24
07. A Picture Of You (Schroeder/King) 3.56
08. Home Sweet Oklahoma (Russell) 3.21
09. Fire And Rain (Taylor) 3.26
10. Classical Gas (Williams) 2.57


CD front + back cover … no comment necessary … one of the ugliest covers I´ve ever seen


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