Paul Brett´s Sage – Jubilation Foundry (1971)

OriginalFrontCover1Paul Brett (born 20 June 1947, Fulham, London) is an English classic rock guitarist. He played lead guitar with Strawbs (though he was never actually a member), The Overlanders, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, The Velvet Opera, Tintern Abbey, Fire, Roy Harper, Al Stewart, Lonnie Donegan, and switched to twelve-string guitar in the 1970s.

His first twelve-string guitar suite, Earth Birth, was released on his own label, Phoenix Future, and was produced by artist Ralph Steadman of Fear and Loathing fame. Critical acclaim led to Brett being signed on a four-album deal with RCA Records. His K-tel Romantic Guitar album went platinum in the UK, but Brett stopped recording soon afterwards. He started recording again in 2000, with long-time friend and fellow twelve-string guitarist, John Joyce.

Brett wrote for music magazines Melody Maker, Sound International and International Musician and continued working in the music industry in the later part of his career. He now writes a regular column for Acoustic, a magazine specializing in acoustic guitars. He is also the Associate Editor and Features Writer for Music Maker and Live in London magazines.

He has appeared on BBC Television’s Antiques Road Show and Flog It in the mid-2000s.


There are now a range of critically acclaimed acoustic guitars available that Paul Brett designed for Vintage in the UK that are distributed Worldwide. for information. They carry individual name such as The Viator 6 and 12 string travel guitars, The Gemini, alternative baritone and 6 strings, The Viaten , tenor guitar, paul Brett signature 6 and 12 string guitars and the most recent released in 2017 is the Statesboro’ 12 string which is a tribute to the blues legend Blind Willie McTell. (by wikipedia)

And here´s the second album by his frist own group called “Paul Brett´s Sage”:

PaulBrettsSageNicky Higginbottom departed Paul Brett’s Sage after the release of the band’s eponymous debut album, and with her went the haunting flute that gave much of the album such a rich, pastoral sound. But the band was already moving in a new direction, exploring rock’s roots and the genre’s many permutations. Jubilation Foundry welds Sage’s varied influences onto their sleeves, from “Cottage Made for Two,” an homage to the Everly Brothers, to the gospel fired “Help Me Jesus” and the Stax inspired “Hold My Hand Mother.” There are tributes to Southern blues and Southern rock, nods to singer/songwriters Cat Stevens and Harry Nilsson, and even a tip of the hat to the Beatles. With the group here sporting rich harmonies, the emphasis is on great songs in a variety of musical veins and moods, with singalong choruses, memorable melodies, and flashy musicianship evident throughout the album. (by Dave Thompson)

And yes, Paul Brett is one of the finest acoustic guiar players from UK and he´s criminally underrated !


Paul Brett (guitar, piano, vocals)
Stuart Cowell (guitar, vocals, piano)
Dick Dufall (bass, vocals)
Bob Voice (drums, percussion)
Paul King (harmonica on 06.)


01. Cottage Made For Two (Dufall) 2.26
02. Hold My Hand Mother (Hutcheson) 2.48
03. Pasadena Days (Voice) 2.59
04. Keeper Of My Heart (Myers/Brett) 3.32
05. Goodbye Forever (Hutcheson) 2.53
06. Good Old-Fashioned Funky Kind Of Music (Hutcheson) 4.09
07. Bits (1) (Brett/Cowell) 0.27
08. I Fell So Far (Dufall) 2.57
09. Written In Winter (Brett) 2.44
10. Tuesday Evening (Brett) 2.15
11. Help Me Jesus (Hutcheson) 4.02
12. Jubilation Foundry (Brett) 4.35
13. Bits (2) (Brett/Cowell) 0.46


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