The Easybeats – Easy (1965)

FrontCover1Easy is the debut studio album by the Australian rock band the Easybeats, released on 23 September 1965.

Most of the album was recorded at EMI Studios in Sydney in two consecutive all-night sessions. It was produced by Albert Productions founder, Ted Albert. It also features their hit single “She’s So Fine”, which was recorded at Armstrong Studios in Melbourne with further overdubs in Sydney.

It was released by Albert Productions on the Parlophone label in Australia on 23 September 1965. The front cover’s artwork features a photograph by Australian photographer Ian Morgan of the group miming on the Seven Network music television series Sing, Sing, Sing. It was only released in mono; no stereo mix was made. It was reissued by Albert Productions (this time on their own label) in the 1980s on LP and compact disc. Originally released in Australia only, it would not be available internationally until the 1990s when reissue label Repertoire Records later released the album in 1992 with eight bonus tracks.

These included b-sides, their debut single “For My Woman”/”Say That You’re Mine”, outtakes, alternate mixes from the Good Friday album and a live recording of “She’s So Fine” from 1966. (by wikipedia)


Their first album, not available outside Australia until the 1990s. The Vanda/Young songwriting partnership had yet to dominate the band in their early days, and most of the (entirely original) material here comes from the pens of George Young and singer Stevie Wright. It’s more Merseybeatish and less oriented toward power-pop and staccato guitar attacks than their subsequent releases, which isn’t really detrimental; it doesn’t scale the peaks the band would shortly climb, but neither does it have the overdone good-time mania that made some of their efforts hard to take in more than limited doses. A fairly consistent, if not incredibly remarkable, relic from the Beat era, with some very Beatlesque tracks, including “It’s So Easy,” “I Wonder” (on which Harry Vanda sounds a lot like a young George Harrison circa “Do You Want to Know a Secret”), and cuts that could pass for the Searchers (“I’m Gonna Tell Everybody”), Gerry & the Pacemakers (“Hey Girl,” “A Letter”), the Merseybeats (“Cry Cry Cry”), the Kinks (“You’ll Come Back Again”), and Peter & Gordon (“Girl on My Mind”). Stuck in the middle of all of those delightfully derivative treasures is the most defiantly original track off the album, and (not coincidentally) their first big Australian hit, “She’s So Fine,” which doesn’t sound like anything else here, pulsing with energy, a hot pumping bass part, and a ferocious guitar break. The Repertoire Records CD reissue enhances the original album significantly with the addition of eight bonus tracks, including five jewels from the Vanda/Young songwriting team.  (by Richie Unterberger)


Dick Diamonde (bass, vocals)
Snowy Fleet (drums, vocals)
Stevie Wright (percussion, vocals)
Harry Vanda (lead guitar, vocals)
George Young (guitar, vocals)


01. It’s So Easy (Wright/Young) 2:11
02. I’m A Madman  (Wright/Young) 2.52
03. I Wonder (Vanda) 1.50
04. “She Said Alright” Young 2:15
05. I’m Gonna Tell Everybody (Vanda/Fleet) 2.04
06. Hey Girl  (Wright/Young) 2.10
07. She’s So Fine  (Wright/Young) 2.08
08. You Got It Off Me  (Wright/Young) 2.28
09. Cry Cry Cry (Young) 2.02
10. A Letter (Vanda) 1.39
11. Easy Beat (Vanda) 2.39
12. You’ll Come Back Again (Young) 2.39
13. Girl On My Mind  (Wright/Young) 3.04
14. Ya Can’t Do That  (Wright/Young) 2.28
15. For My Woman  (Wright/Young) 3.08
16. Say That You’re Mine (Vanda/Young) 2.45
17. The Old Oak Tree (Wright/Young/Vanda/Fleet&Diamonde) 3.08
18. Friday On My Mind (alternate remix) (Vanda/Young) 2.56
19. Lisa (alternate remix) (Vanda/Young) 3.17
20. Find My Way Back Home (unused recording for Sing Sing Sing) (Lambert/Pegues) 2.46
21. No One Knows (outtake) (Wright/Young) 2.58
22. She’s So Fine (live from the First Australian National Record Awards, Melbourne. 14 March 1966)  (Wright/Young) 2.22


AC/DC producer and The Easybeats’ star George Young has died at the age of 70.

AC/DC said in a statement the band would not exist without Young’s “help and guidance”.
George Young passes away

A pioneering musician, producer and AC/DC mentor, George Young has died aged 70.

“As a musician, songwriter, producer, advisor and much, much more, you could not ask for a more dedicated and professional man,” the statement read.

“You could not ask for a finer brother. We will always remember him with gratitude and hold him close to our hearts.”

George Young.jpg

George was the eldest brother of Australian rock legends Malcolm and Angus Young. He was born in Scotland in 1946 but emigrated to Australia with his family when he was still a child.

He shot to fame in the ’60s as a guitarist for the Sydney-based rock band The Easybeats. While the band broke up in 1970, he and lead guitarist Harry Vanda were later inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. (by


Malcolm, George and Angus Young in 2012

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