Ten Years After – Undead (1968)

NovaFC1Undead is a live album by Ten Years After, recorded at the small jazz club, Klooks Kleek, in London, May 1968, and released in August of that year. The show combined blues, boogie and jazz playing that merged more traditional rock and roll with 1950s-style jump blues. The album “amply illustrates” Alvin Lee’s “eclectic” use of the pentatonic scale mixed with other modalities

Recorded live in a small London club, Undead contains the original “I’m Going Home,” the song that brought Ten Years After its first blush of popularity following the Woodstock festival and film in which it was featured. However, the real strength of this album is side one, which contains two extended jazz jams, “I May Be Wrong, But I Won’t Be Wrong Always” and Woody Herman’s “Woodchopper’s Ball,” both of which spotlight guitarist Alvin Lee’s amazing speed and technique. Side two is less interesting, with an extended slow blues typical of the time, a drum solo feature, and the rock & roll rave-up of “I’m Going Home.” (by Jim Newsom)


Put whatever it is your listening to down for a moment and check this out.
Ten Years After very wisely releases a live album for their second release, giving you all the band have to offer and an Alvin Lee.

Never was the biggest fan of Alvin Lee’s nasally vocal delivery, but absolutely zero of that matters either way, because the band cooks.
Alvin Lee is the star of the show, as with every Ten Years After show, completely commanding the atmosphere and mowing people down with his guitar skills.
One dimensional, yet lighting fast jazz/blues runs fronting a very capable ensemble (the organ for some reason though always got in the way for me) tearing through standards and originals.


Check out the original “Woodchopper’s Ball”, and then listen to what’s going on here…very interesting.
The feeling is intimate which always make for the best live albums, and you can feel the sweat through your speakers.
I’m guessing prior to their appearance at Woodstock, it was this album boasting “I’m Going Home” which made them.

This is very good golden age era rock to blast, and every fan of this era should be giving this a listen, if not owning it already. (by breakwind)


Chick Churchill (organ)
Alvin Lee (guitar, vocals)
Ric Lee (drums)
Leo Lyons (bass)


01. I May Be Wrong, But I Won’t Be Wrong Always (A,Lee) 10.35
02. Woodchopper’s Ball (Herman/Bishop) 7.48
03. Spider In My Web (A.Lee) 7.38
04. Summertime (Gershwin) / Shantung Cabbage (R,Lee) 5.59
05. I’m Going Home (A.Lee) 6.38
06. Rock Your Mama (A.Lee) 3.26
07. Spoonful (Dixon) 6.39
08. Standing At The Crossroads )Johnson) 4.10
09. I Can’t Keep from Crying, Sometimes / Extension on One Chord (Kooper/A.Lee) 17.05





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