Lalo Schifrin – Bullitt (OST) (1968)

FrontCover1.jpg“Bullitt” is Peter Yates second film; his first was “Robbery,” a superior movie about England’s great train robbery, which played Chicago earlier this year. “Robbery” had a great chase sequence in it, involving a running machine gun battle, all sorts of near misses in heavy traffic, lots of blood and remarkable photography.

McQueen plays a San Francisco cop assigned as bodyguard to a syndicate witness. The witness gets shotgunned — in the most brutally direct 10 seconds of film I can remember — and McQueen becomes a political football. Robert Vaughn (better than usual) is the politician who puts the heat on, and it’s up to McQueen to hide the victim’s body until he can untangle the case. (by

And here´s the exciting soundtrack:

Bullitt is a soundtrack album to the motion picture Bullitt, by Argentine composer, pianist and conductor Lalo Schifrin, recorded in 1968 and released on the Warner Bros. label. The tracks released on the album are alternate versions of those heard in the film and were re-recorded at the film producers’ insistence for a more “pop” oriented soundtrack. (by wikipedia)


After establishing himself in the television world with the classic Mission: Impossible theme, Lalo Schifrin soon made himself equally famous in the world of film music with his work on the soundtrack of the Steve MacQueen cop thriller Bullitt. This classic soundtrack found Schifrin combining the skills he honed as an arranger for jazzmen like Count Basie with the gift he developed for writing tight, punchy themes on television soundtracks like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Mission: Impossible. The end result is an exciting score that deftly blends traditional orchestral film-scoring techniques with the rhythms and swings of classic jazz. This combination is perfectly presented on “Bullitt (Main Title),” a jazz-pop instrumental that starts with an angular, staccato bass line and quickly layers on jazz guitar and controlled bursts of brass to create a tune that swings and thrills all at once. Other gems in this vein include “Shifting Gears,” which adds and subtracts layers of dissonant strings and brass over an insistent, percolating groove from the rhythm section, and “Ice Pick Mike,” a chase theme that builds from piano and percussion to a full-blown jazz instrumental complete with a wild horn section.


Elsewhere, Schifrin effectively slows down the rhythms to craft lush instrumentals that manage to create a lighter, more pensive mood without losing their jazz edge: “The Aftermath of Love” layers gentle trumpet and flute lines over string-sweetened rhythms and “The First Snowfall” is a bright, horn-driven piece that applies the album’s swinging brass section to a poppy melody. Everything on the album is visually evocative the way good soundtrack music should be, yet the individual cuts are tight and melodic enough to hold up to repeated listens. The end result is a soundtrack that succeeds both as a film score and a stand-alone album. This unique combination makes Bullitt one of the finest achievements in the Lalo Schifrin catalog and one of the best action film scores ever written. (by Donald A. Guarisco)

Recorded in Hollywood, California on December 6 and 7, 1968


John Audino (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Bob Bain (guitar)
Max Bennett (bass)
Milt Bernhart (trombone)
Bud Brisbois (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Ray Brown (bass)
Larry Bunker (percussion)
Gene Cipriano (reeds)
Mike Deasy (guitar)
Carol Kaye (bass)
Ronnie Lang (reeds)
Stan Levey (drums)
Lew McCreary (trombone)
Mike Melvoin (keyboards)
Jack Nimitz (reeds)
Dick Noel (trombone)
Bill Perkins (reeds)
Howard Roberts (guitar)
Bud Shank (reeds)
Tony Terran (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Lloyd Ulyate (trombone)

Arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin


01. Bullitt (Main Title) 2.09
02. Room “26” 2.23
03. Hotel Daniels 2.53
04. The Aftermath Of Love 2.49
05. Music To Interrogate By 2.50
06. On The Way To San Mateo 2.31
07. Ice Pick Mike 3.00
08. A Song For Cathy 2.13
09. Shifting Gears 3.17
10. Cantata For Combo 3.05
11. The First Snowfall (Burke/Webster) 3.03
12. Bullitt (End Title) 2.39

All compositions by Lalo Schifrin except as indicated






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