Baden Powell – Rio das Valsas (1988)

OriginalFrontCover1An excellent Brazilian guitarist, Baden Powell has played with his share of American jazz greats (including Herbie Mann and the late Stan Getz). But there’s no jazz to be found on Seresta Brasiliera, which was recorded for the Brazilian Caju Music label in 1988 and released in the U.S. on Milestone/Fantasy in 1994.

The title Seresta Brasiliera translates to “Brazilian serenade,” and an unaccompanied Powell embraces the Brazilian serenade style on personal, introspective versions of Pixinguinha’s “Rosa,” as well as songs he wrote with his frequent partner, the late Vinicius De Moraes (including “Velho Amigo,” “Cancao Do Amor Ausente” and “Serenata Do Adeus”).

A melancholy mood defines much of the CD, and Powell’s playing is often as beautiful as it is sad and remorseful. Seresta Brasiliera is an album with little optimism and plenty of soul. (by Alex Henderson)

This beautiful album was later released under the titels “Vialao em Seresta” and “Seresta Brasileira”


Alternate frontcovers

Baden Powell (guitar)


01. Rosa (Pixinguinha) 5.41
02. Serenata do Adeus (De Moraes) 5.14
03. Valsa Sem Nome (Powell/De Moraes) 3.30
04. Primeiro Amor (Silva) 1.53
05. Velho Amigo (Powell/De Moraes) 4.15
06. O Que Tinha de Ser (Jobim/De Moraes) 4.24
07. Cháo de Estrelas (Barbosa/Caldas) 4.51
08. Canção do Amor Ausente (Powell/De Moraes) 3.40
09. Revendo o Passado (Junior) 5.31
10. Valsa de Euridice (De Moraes) 4.45


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