Michael Gatley – Gately’s Cafe (1972)


FrontCover1.JPGIt´s hard to find some informations about Michael Gatley.

Michael Gately is unknown purely for reasons unknown. He shares the same melodic stage and songwriting prowess as Harry Nilsson and Curt Boettcher (of Millenium/Sagittarius) yet he’s basically never been mentioned anywhere as far as I’ve ever read. He’s largely replaced the latter artists as my unconscious wafting into head, bits of chorus sung aloud while aimlessly wandering song source. AKA highest melody regards. He recorded two singles, released two unbelievably good solo albums within the same year then disappeared without a trace.

It took a long time to find out more about the mysterious A.M. Gately and his recording career. It turns out that he wrote and recorded mostly under the name Michael Gately, releasing several singles (perhaps the least obscure with Robert John, a rather lovely Beach Boys inflected bit of sunshine pop called If You Don’t Want My Love) and two US albums, Gately’s Cafe (1971) and Still Round (1972), both on the Janus label.


Both LPs feature contributions from Gately’s regular collaborator Al Kooper (for whom he seems to have returned the favour, appearing as a writer, arranger and backing vocalist on Kooper’s own records) but despite his links to better-known musicians, a berth on a major label, and the fact that it’s clear he was a highly distinctive singer-songwriter, with plenty of commercial promise, it seems none of Gately’s various releases left the kinds of mark they deserved to, and Gately himself eventually died of a heart condition in 1982 at the age of 39.

Before is death in 1982 aged 39, Gately was working as the night recepcionist in Record Plant studio in Hollywood.

On this firt album he was accompanied by musician from british group Hookfoot (some of this musician are in the Elton John Band, too).


Initialy the sound is soft, melancholy, whimsical, almist aimless. Then Gatley´s intensity manifests itself, given purpose and direction by a superb Al Kooper production. Hßghlights are his own “Karo” and “Love Of My Life” and “Color All The World” oenned jointly with Robert John who also handeld background vocals. Reaction to this deut LP should bbe  immediate favorable. (Billboard, January 1972)


Ian Duck (guitar)
Herbie Flowers (bass)
Michael Gately (vocals, guitar)
Robert John (background vocals)
Al Kooper (keyboards)
Roger Pope (drums)
Caleb Quaye (guitar)
Jerry Goodman (violin)
Paul Kossoff (guitar)


01. Introduction (My Heart Sings) (Gately) 2.07
02. The Way Your Love Is Going (Gately) 3.18
03. Love Of My Life (Gately(John) 3.22
04. Karo (Gately) 2.00
05. Lonesome Song (‘Bout Someone Who’s Gone He’s Got To Carry On I Wonder Can He Make It?) (Kooper/Major) 3.05
06. The Piano Player’s (Kooper) 4.33
07. Sometimes I Get A Notion (Gotta See The Country) (Gately) 2.10
08. You’re What’s Been Missing From My Life (Gately(John) 3.00
09. Hook Another Horse (To Your Love Carriage) (Gately) 3.52
10. Over Now (Gately(John) 2.51
11. Color All The World (Gately(John) 5.13





Michael Gately
(October 28, 1942 in New Jersey – April 12, 1982 in Los Angeles, California)


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