Szücs And His Magyar Cigányok – The Soul Of A Gypsy (1972)

FrontCover1This recording  represents one of the rare times that authentic Gypsy music has ever been recorded by an authentic Gypsy band. It is certainly the first time it has been done in true STEREOPHONIC SPACE SOUND. Most recordings of so-called Gypsy music are made by popular commercial orchestras, who play Gypsy-type music along with every other kind. While some of these band leaders are big names in the popular and semi-popular field, and though some are accomplished musicians, neither their style nor their rendition can be compared with that of a genuine Gypsy Banda.

Thi difficulties in recording such a group are manifold. Real Gypsy performances are played without orchestration or any written music, and are more or less the equivalent of a jam session. Only a recording expert can understand the tremendous technical problems involved, since these spontaneuous performances are never repeated with uniform length, rhytm — or even melody.

Another obstacle is the fact that a Gypsy would never dream of playing any instrument but his own, which is usually handed down in the family as a proud inheritance. Consequently, the Zimbalom player wouldn’t touch the beautiful new Zimbalom in the studio, so we not only had to haul the musicians, but all their instruments too, via chartered bus, from their village to the Studio, which was miles away. Therefore, Gypsy music fans will accept the various noises audible on this REQUEST RECORDS HIGH FIDELITY RECORDING for what they are: the cracking of the seams on the old Zimbalom, or the hissing sounds occurring when the Gypsy stops the vibration of the Zimbalom strings.

Lastly, it must be remembered that when a Gypsy plays he goes into a kind of trance; the resulting music comes from his heart and soul. Each “Primas”, (the violinist Leader) has specialty showpieces which never fall to enchant the audience.

It look many patient hours and days before the Gypsies became reconciled to the Studio atmosphere. In fact, it became necessary to gather a small audience for them, in order to bring their playing into the proper mood.

It is with great pride that REQUEST RECORDS brings you “The Soul of a Gypsy” in an intimate, authentic, on-the-spot presentation.

These recordings are originals, and are not to be confused with technically inferior copies illegally dubbed from old Hungarian records. They were made in Western Europe on the finest, most modern recording equipment.  (taken from the original liner notes)

Unfortunately I have no further informations about this Gypsy ensemble … who knows more ?

But .. this is a real fine piece of Gypsy Music … believe me !

Szücs And His Magyar Cigányok

Szücs and his Magyar Cigányok


01. Dancing Near The River Olt 3.02
02 The Clouds Drift Down / Listen Kathi / One Dosen’t Kill A Lawstudent / If I Had A Hundred Forint 6.44
03. Gypsy Tears 8.29
04. Red Roses Talk And Others 8.52
05. I Am A Gypsy, Born In The Gutter 2.21
06. Medley Of The Best Chardases 6.30

All tunes: Traditional



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