Hot Tuna – Live In Japan, 1997 (2004)

EagleFrontCover1.jpgLive in Japan is a live album by Hot Tuna recorded in 1997 in Yokohama, Japan. Originally the band planned to play an electric set as part of their Japanese tour, but the venue in Yokohama was quite small (only holding fifty people) and there wasn’t any room for an electric setup. The band played acoustic, and afterwards Jack Casady suggested to Jorma Kaukonen that the recording was good enough for a new live album. Michael Falzarano and Kaukonen listened to the tape and decided that Casady was right, and a new album was released. The album was Hot Tuna’s last release on Relix Records. In 2004 Eagle Records remastered the album and re-released it with previously unreleased performances of “Parchman Farm”, “Follow the Drinking Gourd”, “Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning” and “Folsom Prison.” Three of the tracks from the initial release were dropped from the remaster: “Hesitation Blues”, “Candy Man” and “Keep on Truckin'”.(by wikipedia)


Live In Japan is the eighth live Hot Tuna performance released by Relix Records. It was recorded in a cramped club in Yokohama in 1997. The show was an impromptu acoustic set because the club was too small to hold the all the band’s electric equipment. However don’t expect the delicate, interwoven acoustic blues of 1969’s Hot Tuna (Recorded Live). Even though Hot Tuna draws on much of the same material here, the treatments are up-tempo and at times a little muddy. Like many of the Relix offerings, Live In Japan has a bootleg feel that is both immediate and rough. This version of Hot Tuna features Pete Sears, formerly of Jefferson Starship, on keyboards and accordion. He gives Hot Tuna a different dimension that is not always a smooth fit. As usual, though, the finger- picking of Jorma Kaukonen and the rumbling bass of Jack Casady dominate the stage. Their talents remain undiminished. This is an exuberant performance that must have been great to see. But home listeners may find themselves saying, “I guess you had to be there.” (by S. Colby Miller)


Relix front + back cover

Jack Casady (bass)
Michael Falzarano (guitar)
Jorma Kaukonen (guitar, vocals)
Pete Sears (keyboards)
Harvey Sorgen (drums, percussion)


01. Walkin’ Blues (Johnson) 5.16
02. Parchman Farm (Allison) 5.37
03. True Religion (Traditional) 5.20
04. Been So Long (Kaukonen) 3.52
05. Uncle Sam Blues (Traditional) 5.11
06. Vampire Woman (Smith) 2.59
07. Follow The Drinking Gourd (Traditional) 5.05
08. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed & Burning” (Rev. Gary Davis) – 4:19
09. Let Us Get Together Right Down Here (Davis) 3.00
10. Third Week In The Chelsea (Kaukonen) 5.05
11. 99 Year Blues (Daniels) 6.23
12. Ice Age (Kaukonen) 6.38
13. San Francisco Bay Blues (Fuller) 4.25
14. Folsom Prison Blues (Cash) 4.04
15. Mann’s Fate (Kaukonen) 6.09




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