Eric Clapton – One More Car, One More Rider (2002)

FrontCover1.jpgOne More Car, One More Rider is the eighth live album by Eric Clapton, released on 5 November 2002 on Duck / Reprise Records. It is also the third double live album. The album contains songs performed during Clapton’s 2001 world tour. The recordings on this album are from two nights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, 18 & 19 August 2001.Accompanying Clapton on this album are Andy Fairweather-Low, Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Billy Preston, Greg Phillinganes, and David Sancious. Eric Clapton himself said that this would be his last world tour, making this album initially more valuable. However he since has toured the world several times both on his own and with others, including Steve Winwood, Mark Knopfler, and his four Crossroads Guitar Festivals with his own chosen high-profilehouse band; different from his usual band. (by wikipedia)

The inconsistent double live album One More Car, One More Rider strives to represent the harder and softer sides of Eric Clapton. Sometimes, on warhorses such as “Hootchie Coochie Man” and “Have You Ever Loved a Woman,” he transports listeners to the Delta or Chicago’s South Side, where a titan of the blues is throwing down bitter wisdom.


But then there are those times when old Slowhand goes to his mushy place, singing nondescript odes such as “My Father’s Eyes” as though he’s chasing Sting for some sensitive-man prize. Clapton still possesses one of the most arresting guitar sounds on the planet, a laserlike beam of pure tone. But he rarely uses it to roar, and when he does — on a rearranged “Badge,” complete with dramatic pauses, or on the coda of the rocking “Layla” that contains some of the most adventuresome improvisation he’s recorded in years — it only becomes painfully clear just how often this car is riding on cruise control. (by Tom Moon)


Eric Clapton (guitar, vocals)
Nathan East (bass, background vocals)
Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar, background vocals)
Steve Gadd – drums
Billy Preston (keyboards, background vocals)
David Sancious (keyboards, melodica, guitar, background vocals)



CD 1:
01. Key To The Highway (Broonzy/Segar) 3.38
02. Reptile (Clapton) 5.44
03. Got You On My Mind (Biggs/Thomas) 4.06
04. Tears In Heaven (Clapton/Jennings) 4.27
05. Bell Bottom Blues (Clapton) 4.57
06. Change The World (Kennedy/Kirkpatrick/Sims) 6.23
07. My Father’s Eyes (Clapton) 8.35
08. River Of Tears (Clapton/Climie) 8.54
09. Going Down Slow (Oden) 5.37
10. She’s Gone (Clapton/Climie) 6.57

CD 2:
11. I Want A Little Girl (Mencher/Moll) 4.25
12. Badge (Clapton/Harrison) 6.03
13. Hoochie Coochie Man (Dixon) 4.30
14. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Myles) 7.51
15. Cocaine (Cale) 4.22
16. Wonderful Tonight (Clapton) 6.42
17. Layla (Clapton/Gordon) 11.12
18. Sunshine Of Your Love (Brown/Bruce/Clapton) 6.40
19. Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 10.01




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