Wind Machine – Voices In The Wind (1991)

FrontCover1.jpgSince its inception in 1986, Wind Machine has excelled at creating guitar-based music that dabbles in styles ranging from blues and bluegrass to jazz, rock, and new-age atmospherics. Core members Steve Mesple, Joe Scott, and Blake Eberhard utilize a vast arsenal of instruments ranging from mandolin, dobro, banjo, and some of their own guitar-hybrid inventions to trombone, harmonica, and fretless bass. (by Linda Kohanov)

Silver Wave was the place in the early ’90s for artists whose music was a little light to be jazz, but a bit too interesting to be new age. After wonderful efforts that year by Peter Kater and Steve Haun, another Colorado band hit the melodic mark in the form of Wind Machine. Voices in the Wind is smooth and delectable if hardly challenging, and the most remarkable thing is that the least impressive aspect of the guitar driven ensemble is the guitar work. More remarkable are the keyboard and bass solos. Acoustic and electric guitarist Steve Mesple is a fine composer, though he tends to play it safe, and his son Taylor’s acoustic work gives the disc atmosphere, while Michael Olson’s fluid basslines provide some moodiness. Rounding out the Mesple family affair is second son Ethan with the unobtrusive percussion. (by Jonathan Widran)

Last week my mother-in-law passed away, today I have to go the funeral … this is the perfect soundtrack for this event.

Wind Machine

Ethan Mesple (percussion)
Steve Mesplé (guitar, vocals)
Taylor Mesple (keyboards, saxophone, vocals)
Michael Olson (bass, vocals)
Joe Scott (guitar, guitjo, vocals)
Larry Thompson (drums)
Blake Eberhard (bass)
Greg Fisher (vocals)
Franklin Quezada (vocals)


01. Voices In The Wind (T.Mesple/S.Mesplé) 5.59
02. Millwood Junction (S.Mesplé) 4.20
03. River Of Lost Souls (S.Mesplé) 5.30
04. After The Storm (S.Mesplé) 4.43
05. Franklin (S.Mesplé) 5.47
06. Our Salvadoran Brothers (Nuetros Hermanos de el Salvador) (S.Mesplé) 4.06
07. Cottonwood (S.Mesplé) 5.11
08. Sixth Sense (S.Mesplé) 5.10
09. Sunset Crossing (S.Mesplé) 5.32
10. Highway To The Sun (S.Mesplé) 4.39
11. Postscript (S.Mesplé) 4.52
12.  Soldiers Of Destiny (S.Mesplé) 4.42



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