Jacques Loussier Trio – Play Bach 2 (1960)

FrontCover1.jpgLoussier was born on 26 October 1934 in Angers, France.[2][3] He started piano lessons there aged ten. When he was eleven, he heard a piece from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. In a 2003 interview, he said “I was studying this piece and I just fell in love with it. Then I found I loved to play the music, but add my own notes, expanding the harmonies and playing around with that music.” At 13, he met the pianist Yves Nat in Paris, who regularly gave him projects for three months, after which he returned for another lesson.

Loussier began composing music while studying at the Conservatoire National Musique, having moved by then to Paris, with Nat, from the age of 16. At a competition at the conservatory, he played a prelude by Bach, and when his memory failed, improvised. He later said that he only followed a tradition, because musicians of the 18th century were great improvisers, Bach among them. Loussier played jazz in Paris bars to finance his studies. Fusing Bach and jazz was unique at the time. After six years of studies, Loussier traveled to the Middle East and Latin America, where he was inspired by different sounds. He stayed in Cuba for a year. Loussier’s style is described as third stream, a synthesis of jazz and classical music, with emphasis on improvisation.


Early in his career, Loussier was an accompanist for the singers Frank Alamo, Charles Aznavour, Léo Ferré and Catherine Sauvage. In 1959, he formed the Jacques Loussier Trio with string bass player Pierre Michelot—who had played with Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France—and percussionist Christian Garros. They used Bach’s compositions as a base for jazz improvisation and made many live appearances, tours, and concerts, as well as a number of recordings. The trio began with Decca Records but changed to Philips/Phonogram in 1973. They sold over six million albums in 15 years.[8] Their best known recording is “Air on the G String”, which was used to advertise the Hamlet brand of cigar in the UK for over 30 years. The trio played more than 3,000 concerts (by wikipedia)

This album (and his first Play Bach 1 album) caught the publics imagination and quickly brought Jacques Loussier and his Play Bach Trio commercial success enjoyed by only a select few jazz musicians. Take advantage to become reacquainted with the incomparable music of J.S. Bach as interpreted by Jacques Loussiers Play Bach Trio.


Alternate front + back cover

Christian Garros (drums)
Jacques Loussier (piano)
Pierre Michelot (bass)


01. Partita N°1 (En Si Bémol):
01.1 Allemande 6.17
02.2 Courante 2.29
01.3 Sarabande 2.57
01.4 Menuet I – Menuet II 1.59
01.5 Gigue 3.10
02. Choral 3.09
03. Prélude 6 4.10
04. Aria 2.08
05. Prélude 16 3.27
06. Fugue 16 2.56
07. Prélude 21 2.45

Music compsed by Johann Sabastian Bach, arranged by Jacques Loussier




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