Peter Murray – Feeler (2003)

FrontCover1.jpgFeeler is the second album by Australian singer-songwriter Pete Murray. Released on 21 July 2003, it went to number one on the Australian album charts on 29 March 2004 and to that date, achieved 6 x platinum status.

In 2002, Pete Murray made an independent album The Game which prompted Sony Music Australia to sign him. In early 2003, Pete Murray and his band entered the studio with producer Paul McKercher and his band to make the Feeler album. On his website, Pete Murray outlines the type of record he was hoping to make. “The records I love by people like Nick Drake, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, they are built to last. I wanted this to be an album like that, something you can pull out in 30 years and still hear the feeling in it, rather than something that’s dated by the musical fashions of the day.”

Feeler was released on 21 July 2003 with the title track as the first single. Triple J radio started playing the track with the Nova FM and Triple M networks picking up the track. With this support, Feeler entered the ARIA top 50 album charts at position forty-three in 2003. His reputation was building fast and he started selling out shows in smaller venues.


The momentum of the album continued to build with the release of the second single “Lines” and two ARIA award nominations reaching platinum record status . Radio programmers had been asking for the track “So Beautiful” to be released as a single and the track was widely played on Australian radio, reaching the top ten in 2004. This spurred sales of the album driving it to number one on the Australian album charts in late March 2004 and triple platinum status.

Pete Murray commenced an Australian tour of larger venues in early 2004. Due to the level of demand, he had to announce nine extra dates. As well, he made one of his sellout performances at the Sydney’s Metro Theatre on 27 March 2004 available for download at BigPond Music. (by wikipedia)

I am proud to say unashamably that Pete Murray hails from my city. This is Pete’s 2003 album release called ‘Feeler’ and all I can say this is one beautiful album. It is rare for an album to have 3 hit songs and all in a row from the 1st song ‘Feeler’ that is self titled, to the second song ‘Bail Me Out’ followed by the huge hit on Australian radio even this year ‘So Beautiful’. This song is romantic and shows that Pete Murray oozes with tonnes of talent and can sing.

Pete Murray began singing in local Sydney pubs and clubs before picking up the Columbia label and now he has success and rightly so. Pete is a talented singer who is down to earth and every song means that much to him. The lyrics are his own and come from life experiences he has been through. Pete Murray quickly has ascended the Australian and New Zealand charts and has also become a figure in the folk rock/pop scene. He followed this album with a 2005 release which I shall review in the coming months.


This album is produced well and each song lacks nothing. This is one of those albums that you can tell the artist has made sure each of his favourite songs were included. Columbia gave Pete Murray freedom and this paid off. The songs ‘Bail Me Out’, ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘Lines’ are my favourite. But all the songs on this album are perfect. Whether you are listening to it alone, or a loved one or as background in a party – this album delivers in every aspect.

Pete Murray is the proof that the Australian music scene is alive and kicking. He is a pure legend. This album is played regularly by myself and I have become a fan of his talent and modesty. (Petar Vodogaz)

Oh yes, this is a very symphatic singer/songwriter album with many interesting musical ideas … and it´s stands the test of time.


Nicky Bomba (percussion)
Ben McCarthy (keyboards, bass)
Peter Murray (guitar, vocals)
Christian Sargeant (drums)
Paul Tyrrell ( guitar, bass on 11.)
Fi Claus (background vocals on 08.)
Em Heeney (piano accordion on 11., background vocals on 08.)
Anthony Lycenko (guitar on 04)
Col McIntyre (flute on 07., saxophone on 09.)
Paul McKercher (bass on 03.)
Pete Williamson (guitar on 01. + 06.)


01. Feeler 4.22
02. Bail Me Out 4.03
03. So Beautiful 4.40
04. Lines 3.01
05. Freedom 3.17
06. Please 3.23
07. Fall Your Way 3.44
08. My Time 4.08
09. Tonic 3.01
10. No More 3.09
11. Ten Ft Tall 4.29

All songs written by Peter Murray



And Pete Murray is still alive and well … here´s a scresnshot from his actuell website:



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