Ill Considered – Ill Considered 3 (2017)

FrontCover1.jpgIll considered are a band comprising four musicians interacting with each other to create freely improvised music, based loosely around simple pre-written themes or composed on the spot. Deep grooves and plaintive melodies ranging from whispered chants to monstrous climaxes, the group react to the mood of the audience and the sonics of the room to create music that is unique to the moment. (Press release)

The third album from Ill Considered has been a revelatory part of the journey for its members. While the first album was completely improvised in a two hour session involving all four musicians and no pre-written tunes, the second album was a live gig recorded at The Crypt Jazz Club, London, involving mainly compositions ( taken from the first album, as well as new tunes and some from Wildflower (the other band in which Leon Brichard and Idris Rahman collaborate with drummer Tom Skinner). The creation of Ill Considered 3 was quite different again.
A session was booked at the same studio in which Ill Considered’s first album was created, and the four musicians met (this time with Satin Singh on percussion) with a view to recording some pre-written melodies as well as some fresh, improvised material.
The band soon realised that although the pre-written tunes were to some degree working nicely, there was no comparison with the vibe, energy, spontaneity and overall freedom of the fully improvised material.

Ill Considered03.jpg

There is a musical freedom that this particular combination of musicians needs to express – throwing caution to the wind they create soundscapes, atmospheres, dreamy groove based journeys immediately in the moment, held together by deeply felt musical interaction and the interspersion of hooky bass lines and melodies. Using simple but effective motifs, the band again manage to build from delicate, intimate moments of emotion to screaming climaxes and drum and bass inspired head-bangers.
Meditative and spiritual in essence, there are a wide range of textures in this album:
Djinn has an ethereal, mystical calm about it, whilst the bass harmonics and minimal percussion of Nada Brahma give an almost Gamelan-like texture. Delusion and Meditation have a head-nodding, deep and dirty jazz-funk-inspired restless energy punctuated by abstract melodic hooks that stay with you long after you’ve finished listening.
Along with the improvised band tracks, there are three short solo tracks from bass, drums and sax – again created in the spirit of freedom. (

In other words: One of the most exciting new jazz group we have !

Ill Considered01.jpg

Leon Brichard (bass)
Idris Rahman (saxophone)
Emre Ramazanoglu (drums)
Satin Singh (percussion)


01. Djinn (Brichard/Rahman/Ramazanoglu/Singh) 3.29
02. Incantation (Brichard/Rahman/Ramazanoglu/Singh) 5.35
03. Nada Brahma (Brichard/Rahman/Ramazanoglu/Singh) 6.38
04. Retreat (Brichard) 1.28
05. Scatter (Ramazanoglu) 1.15
06. Delusion (Brichard/Rahman/Ramazanoglu/Singh) 7.28
07. Meditation (Brichard/Rahman/Ramazanoglu/Singh) 6.7
08. Perplexity (Rahman) 1.06



Ill Considered02.jpg


Various Artists – Holy Smoke – Don´t Let Love Fool You (2018)

FrontCover1.jpgHere´s a real great compilation with 28 tracks from the grat R & B Era in the USA and we heart aritsts like Jimmy Shaw, Eddie Moore, Jay Nelson, Sonny Boy Williams, Jimmy Mcphail, Little Johnny Cook or Joe Boots.

“Don’t let love fool you!” Attached to this latest release of predominantly rhythm and blues artists from along-gone era is a message warning of the potential pitfalls that can be associated with that thing known as ‘love’. Without wishing to put any dampeners on any future romance, KoKo Mojo sets out its stall with another twenty-eight tracks that certainly rock and blow away any suggestions of the blues. In fact, what any listener is likely to experience for their listening pleasure via ‘Holy Smoke’ is a collection of tracks culled from history and selected for their addictive qualities when it comes to rhythm, but also their relevance to the subject matter at heart here. Therefore, expect songs that are filled with lovesick sentiments where infatuation can take hold – Baby Clifford King ‘Want To Jump With You’ or Tony Allan’s vocals capturing the mood to perfection during the album’s title track – or unrequited love via the forceful rhythm and blues of ‘Don’t You Want A Man Like Me’ from Jay Nelson.


There’s a wonderful performance from Juke Boy Barner who delivers what sounds like a ramshackle performance during ‘Rock With Me Baby’, only for closer inspection to reveal that there’s deft hands at work here with far more going on under its bonnet. This, however, is only the beginning as from here on, the variety displayed ups its game further from Prince Royals’ superbly understated and centre of attention, ‘Anna Mae’, to the “great” Eddie Alexander & The Greats ‘I’m In Love’ (complete with accompanying ducks!), before rattling off a whole host of sophisticated rhythm and blues numbers such as ‘My Pretty Baby’ (Ernie Williams), ‘Ding Dong Babe’ (Jimmy McPhail), ‘I’ll Be True To You’ (Billy Fair & Orch.), and Little Johnny Cook with ‘Try Your Love’. There’s too much goodness to be found here, despite any notions of hearts being broken, because ‘Holy Smoke’ offers a passionate and classy taste of rhythm and blues that’s packing enough variety to keep any listener entertained for many hours. Top of its class! (by Nathan Olsen-Haines)

In other words: If you plan your next BBQ-Party, don´t forget to play this album … and you´ll have a real hot and crazy party !

This entry is dedicated to all these unknown heroes of Rhythm & Blues !!!


01. Baby Clifford King: Want To Jump With You (King) 3.26
02. Johnny Stewart: A Whole Lot Of Lovin’ (Trimble) 2.04
03. Jimmy Shaw: Take A Chance On Me (Shaw/Harris) 2.22
04. Tony Allan: Holy Smoke Baby (E. Mesner/L. Mesner) 1.32
05. Jay Nelson: Don’t You Want A Man Like Me (Miller/Nelson) 2.02
06. The Jaguars: Ginny Ginny (Johnson/Penniman) 2.28
07. Rufus Gordon: Long Tall Sally (Johnson/Penniman/Blackwell) 2.08
08. Nat The Cool Cat: Come By Here (Andersen) 2.49
09. Juke Boy Barner: Rock With Me (Welson) 2.52
10. Prince Royals: Anna Mae (unknown) 2.42
11. Elmar Parker: You Know I Love You (Parker/Christian) 2.08
12. Eddie Alexander & The Greats: I’m In Love (Jenkins) 2.17
13. Ernie Williams: My Pretty Baby (Gordon/Williams/Web) 1.58
14. Freddie Williams & The Keynotes: Linda Lu (Sharpe) 2.55
15. Piney Brown: Sugar In My Tea (Price/Brown) 2.27
16. Jimmy McPhail: Ding Dong Babe (Harris/Francis) 2.41
17. Billy Fair & Orchestra: I’ll Be True To You (Darge/Weller) 2.20
18. Little Johnny Cook: Try Your Love (Keys/(Woods/Burton) 2.17
19. Leo Price & Band: Hey Now Baby (Price) 2.31
20. Jimmy Trotter: Hungry And Thirsty (Trotter) 1.56
21. Sonny Boy Williams: Alice Mae Blues (Williams) 2.28
22. Lenny Johnson: Walk Ginny Walk (Otis) 2.17
23. Eddie Moore: Touch Of Your Love (Johnson/Moore) 2.15
24. Hayward Lee: My Love (Lee) 2.14
25. Johnny Spain: I’m In Love (Scott/Terry) 2.33
26. Joe Boots: Squeeze Me (Boots) 2.12
27. Modest ‘Show Stopper’ Clifton: Pretty Little Baby (Clifton) 1.55
28. Frank Linkenberg: Ball Of Fire (Butler/Graham) 2.08