Joanna Connor – Six String Stories (2016)

FrontCover1.jpg“Six String Stories” was Joanna Connor’s first studio album release in 14 years !

In the language of social media, the video clip of Joanna Connor at the 2014 North Atlantic Blues Festival went viral. She gives the rapt audience a three minute display of her astounding slide guitar playing, a performance that has been viewed over 870,000 times on-line. For many people, that may have been their first exposure to Connor – but Chicago-area fans have reveling in her club performances for several decades, reaching back to her first release, Believe It, in 1989 on Blind Pig Records.

After a fourteen year recording hiatus that had Connor focusing on raising her daughter, she is back with her second release for M.C. Records. Exploring that vast territory where blues and rock converge, she offers plenty of fiery playing that mirrors what viewers saw in the video. Take “Halsted Street,” a brooding instrumental with some gentle acoustic guitar wrapped around eerie, effects-laden electric tones. Suddenly, her guitar erupts with a solo sequence that would make Eddie Van Halen proud. The slow blues, “We Stayed Together,” centers on her impassioned vocal bracketed by two penetrating guitar interludes.

Joanna Connor01.jpg

Her slide guitar dominates the first two tracks. On “It’s A Woman’s Way,” Connor encourages her daughter to take advantage of the expanding opportunities available to women, then illustrates the message with taut slide licks over the hard-charging rhythm laid down by Marion Lance Lewis on drums, bass, and percussion. Personal relationships are explored on “By Your Side,” but it quickly becomes apparent that any man would struggle to match the attachment Connor has to her guitar. The ballad “Golden,” penned by Jill Scott, shifts to a softer approach centered on the acoustic guitar and Jeff Lewis on an electronic keyboard A spoken passage finds the singer asserting, “I am not second-rate or an after-thought for anybody. Come direct or don’t come at all. No silver or bronze for me!”

Joanna Connor02

“Love Coming On Strong” is a primal stomp about love swirling out of control, following the instrumental “Swamp Swim,” with guest Omar Coleman’s harp intertwining with unearthly slide tones to form a haunting sonic landscape. Connor shifts to a more positive frame of mind on “Heaven,” the arrangement bolstered by Charlie Kimble on tenor sax, Gary Solomon on alto & soprano sax, and Charles Pryor on trumpet/flugelhorn. Lewis is moved by the spirit, preaching with the fervor of true believer. A staple of her shows, Connor shows her interpretive skills on a live recording of the Elmore James classic, “The Sky Is Crying,” her nimble six-string phrasing mirroring the agony in her voice. “Young Women Blues” is a dreamy stroll that mixes jazz elements through a tremolo-induced haze.

Appropriately titled, Six String Stories should build on the world-wide interest generated by that short video. Once people hear Joanna’s new disc, no one is going to classifying her as as anything other than first-rate. (Mark Thompson)

Joanna Connor03

Omar Coleman (harmonica)
Joanna Connor (guitar, vocals)
Charlie Kimble (saxophone)
Jeff Lewis (keyboards)
Marion Lance Lewis (bass, drums, percussion, synthesizer, vocals)
Charles “Richard” Pryor (flugelhorn, trumpet)
Gary Solomon (saxophone)
background vocals:
Hope Lewis – Steve Lewis


01. It’s A Woman’s Way (Connor/M.Lewis) 4.11
02. Your Side (Connor/M.Lewis) 5.05
03. We Stayed Together (Connor/M.Lewis) 5.32
04. Golden (Bell/Robinson/Robinson/Scott) 4.32
05. Swamp Swim (Connor/M.Lewis) 4.09
06. Love Coming On Strong (Connor/M.Lewis) 4.00
07.  Heaven (Connor/M.Lewis) 5.58
08. Halsted Street (Connor/M.Lewis) 4.39
09. The Sky Is Crying (Robinson/Lewis/James) 5.47
10. Young Women Blues (Connor/M.Lewis) 4.30



JD Souther – Live At Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado (1976)

FrontCover1.jpgSinger-songwriter JD Souther is probably best known for his well-honed writing abilities, especially in the field of country rock. He co-wrote some of the biggest hits for the Eagles, including Best Of My Love, Victim Of Love, Heartache Tonight, and New Kid in Town.

He wrote Run Like A Thief, which appeared on Home Plate by Bonnie Raitt in 1975. Souther dated Linda Ronstadt briefly, co-produced her Don’t Cry Now album, and wrote songs for several of her multi-platinum albums. (by wikipedia)

“Hanging out in the bar at the Troubadour with Glenn Frey and Jackson Browne and playing open mike Mondays, then opening for Poco and The Flying Burrito Brothers – it was the best study in songwriting I can imagine… It’s also where I met Linda Ronstadt and where Don Henley and Glenn Frey met to form this little country rock band called Eagles that would go on to make musical history.” (

And here´s a pretty good solo acoustic show.

Thanks to rzahakos for the CD rip; and to kingrue for sharing the show at The Traders’ Den.

Recorded live at Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado; July 2, 1976.
Very good FM broadcast.

JD Souther01

John David Souther (vocals, guitar)


01. Kite Woman 3.16
02. Intro for Run Like A Thief 3.04
03. Run Like A Thief 3:41
04. Faithless Love 4.54
05. Mexico 4.10
06. Simple Man, Simple Dream 2.32
07. Silver Blue 3.59
08. Your Turn Now 4.35
09. Banging My Head Against The Moon 5.22
10. Prisoner In Disguise 5.36
11. Baby Come Home 4.24

All songs written by John David Souther

JD Souther02


JD Souther03