Buddy Miles Express – Bogger Bear (1973)

FrontCover1.JPGBooger Bear was an album released by The Buddy Miles Express in 1973. It was released in both stereo and quadraphonic formats. It made the Billboard charts in 1974.

The album received a positive review in the November, 23, 1973 issue of Billboard. The reviewer referred to it as a production of the first order with time and care being put into the selections. The songs “Why” and “United Nations Stomp”, both composed by Miles were singled out as solid entries. The album was also released in the Quadraphonic SQ Matrix. A review in the February, 24 issue Billboard for Quadrasonic albums mentioned the spectrum being opened up by the Columbia sound engineers. It also made the distinction between this album and most of the others that relied on the “Front” stereo approach, with the music in Booger Bear actually surrounding the listener. (by wikipedia)

Buddy Miles (1972)Not as good as them changes or express your skull but what is really. probably my 3rd favorite buddy miles album but it is pretty hard to beat the first two i mentioned (by R. Hale)

One of my favorite Post-Band of Gypsys albums by Buddy Miles. You can clearly feel it in the bluesy guitar work.
RIP Booger Bear! (by an amazom customer)

‘And we here real funky version of the Kinks classic “You Really Got Me” and a superb jazzy blues tune called “Louie’s Blues”.


Donny Beck (keyboards, background vocals)
Steve Busfield (guitar)
Mingo Lewis (percussion)
Buddy Miles (vocals, drums, bass, guitar)
Roland Robinson (bass, drums on 03.)
Bill Atwood (trumpet)
Robert Hogans (organ on 05.)
Pat O’Hara (trombone)
Peter Welker (trumpet)
background vocals:
Annie Sampson – Jo Baker – Steve Busfield
The Campbell-Kurban String Section


01. Booger Bear (Miles) 5.25
02. Thinking Of You (Messina) 4.25
03. Why (Miles) 3.52
04. You Really Got Me (Davies) 4.40
05. Love (Miles/Pantos) 3.45
06. United Nations Stomp (Miles) 4.44
07. Crazy Love (Miles) 3.06
08. You Are Everything (Creed/Bell) 4.10
09. Louie’s Blues (Miles) 7.27



Buddy Miles
George Allen “Buddy” Miles Jr. (September 5, 1947 – February 26, 2008)

John Coltrane – The 1961 Newport Set (2012)

FrontCover1.jpgThis album catches John Coltrane’s set at the 1961 Newport Jazz Festival and includes solid live versions of “Impressions,” “Naima,” and “My Favorite Things.” (by Steve Leggett)

Collected tons of weird, obscure bootleg Coltrane material in the mid-00s so I’m always surprised when something like this pops up that I’ve never heard. In the context of Coltrane bootlegs, this is about a C, maybe good for people who like the mellower-but-still-improvisitory sound of Coltrane’s early quartet. Any fan of Coltrane’s live performances knows he kept re-working “Impressions” and “My Favorite Things” into monstrous existential dirges right till the end–compared to that, these are definitely the more pleasant, jaunty, melodic versions, even compared to the Raga-infused “Village Vanguard” sets from ’61.

I don’t even see a track listing here–it’s “Impressions,” “Naima,” “My Favorite Things,” (Newport ’61) then “Blue Train,” “I Want to Talk about You,” “Impressions,” “My Favorite Things.” (European tour w/ Eric Dolphy.) The Newport set has better sound quality. I believe the second set is included in the “Live Trane” box set which I purchased years ago.

John Coltrane 1961.jpg

The general sound of the Newport material is very similar to the Live Trane 1961 European tour material, generally, only without Dolphy. There are no face-melting Coltrane brilliancies, really, although “My Favorite Things” is always more or less revelatory (I’m comparing it to dozens of versions I’ve heard, so my standards are pretty high.) McCoy Tyner (piano) was young, and definitely got better throughout the 60s, so this is some of his weakest work. Coltrane does some of that great fast-run sax tenor playing on the “Impressions” versions (as opposed to the slower sound of say “Chasin’ the Trane”-style.)

Nothing wrong with it, but nothing to moisten your trousers, really, even if you’re a Coltrane collector. The Newport ’61 stuff is not a bad sampling of Coltrane’s early quartet on stage (there’s no official Impulse! record that corresponds to it, really,) (Hogarth Blortsporr)

Live at the Newport Jazz Festival, Newport, Rhode Island, July 1, 1961.
Bonus Tracks 5 to 8: Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland, November 22, 1961.


John Coltrane (saxophone)
Elvin Jones (drums)
McCoy Tyner (piano)
Reggie Workman (bass)
Art Davis (bass on 01. – 04.)
Eric Dolphy (saxophone, flute on 05. – 08.)


01. Announcement 1.24
02. Impressions (Coltrane) 6.23
03 Naima (Coltrane) 4:18
04. My Favorite Things (Rodgers/Hammerstein II) 16.28
05. Blue Train (Coltrane) 9.29
06. I Want To Talk About You (Eckstine) 7.19
07. Impressions (Coltrane) 8.23
08. My Favorite Things (Rodgers/Hammerstein II) 21.05



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