Mott The Hoople – Live With David Bowie (Philadelphia) (1972)

FrontCover1.JPGAnd here´s another rare item from my bootleg collection:

Mott The Hoople were one of the most influential bands to come out of the UK. Everyone from Oasis to REM to Def Leppard have cited Mott as a major influence. In their day Mott soon became an awesome live act, and concerts were frequently a riotous affair. Sadly, they were unable to convert this live success into record sales, and four albums on Island sold poorly.

A switch to CBS and a tie-up with David Bowie (before Bowie himself had broken through) saw long-overdue commercial success for Mott. However, very little evidence has been made available of Mott’s live prowess, save for the too-short live album recorded and released shortly before Mott broke up at the end of 1974.


Late 1972 saw Mott touring the United States for the third time, this time under Mainman’s management and as headliners for the first time. David Bowie introduced them at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia amd joined them on stage for the encores, and this show makes up the second disc. Again Mick Ralphs’ guitar is loud and clear as again he plays blistering but tasteful licks, like his extended solo on Ready For Love. Bowie joinds Mott for the first encore All The Young Dudes, where is backing vocals are clearly audible. A raucous version of the Stones’ Honky Tonk Women closes the show, complete with a little audience participation.

Crank the volume up high, and you can imagine you are really there in the front row – always the mark of a good live album. (

This is the show where Bowie do the introduction, and sing backing vocals
on “All The Young Dudes” and “Honky Tonk Women”.

Recorded live at the Tower Theater (Philadelphia PA, November 29. 1972

Alternate frontcovers

Verden Allen (keyboards)
Dale Griffin (drums)
Ian Hunter (vocals, guitar, piano)
Mick Ralphs (guitar)
Overend Watts (bass)
David Bowie (background vocals on 11. + 12.)


01. Introduction by David Bowie / American Pie 3.29
02. Jerkin’ Crocus (Hunter) 4.26
03. Sucker (Hunter/Ralphs/Watts) 5.53
04. Hymn For The Dudes (Hunter/Allen) 6.15
05. Ready For Love (Ralphs) 12.49
06. Sweet Jane (Reed) 6.00
07. Sea Diver (Hunter) 3.29
08. Sweet Angeline (Hunter) 6.36
09. One Of The Boys (Hunter/Ralphs) 7.06
10. Midnight Lady (Hunter/Ralphs) 6.56
11. All The Young Dudes (Bowie) 4.03
12. Honky Tonk Women (Jagger/Richards) 8.41



And here´s a great tribute tot Mott The Hoople (featuring Queen, David Bowie, Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson; recorded live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992:

Hi there your friendly neighbourhood sadist want to take you for a ride
Come on tell me ’bout the nights that I make you cry
Two tiny purple hands crawling out across the floor
All I could hear was a voice “Give me more more more”

My baby call me when she want a tale
She knows its right in her heart I never fail
She’s a sucker


God help the woman who’s late for work I get a green light flashing red
Like a superstar (brass town?) queen who’s crown I bled
Now I just ran out of aspirin for an aching head
So I guess I’ll have to do it just one more time instead