The British Modbeats – Mod Is (1967)

FrontCover1.jpgFormed in 1963 by Fraser Loveman. They were a Beat/Mod band from St. Catharines, Ontario, The Modbeats got signed to the Red Leaf Label after finding popularity and acclaim within the Canadian Mod scene with the label hoping to use the band to ride the British Invasion wave at the time.

They disbanded in 1967 when Loveman left to start a new group, The Foundation.

The band was heavily influenced from bands and artists like Doris Troy, Cilla Black, Lulu, The Merseys, Manfred Mann, Spencer Davis Group, The Pretty Things, The Merseys, The McCoys, Chris Kenner, Cannibal And The Headhunters, Wilson Pickett.

I guess the most important musician in this short-lived Beat group was Fraser Loveman (November 01, 1946 – April 06, 2018) and so I include a intensive portrait of him (8 pages).


Besides an inordinate amount of time spent studying 45rpm records and, rehearsing his singing via those records , Fraser had to spend a fair bit of time sewing these one of a kind, self invented fashions ! As a self taught artist in more ways than one, thousands of aural and, visual influences were dissected and, lovingly absorbed by the time he was 20 and, was becoming a known performer.


Curtains that had been deaccessioned by some of the British Modbeats mommies were turned into giant bell bottomed trousers and, vests for himself and, his bandmates. Pre- Janis Joplin, perhaps influenced by British pop songstress Sandie Shaw, Fraser/Modbeats began a habit of performing in bare feet.

At their mid 60’s gigs at Ontario teen dances at fairgrounds, community halls and, hockey arenas, their unexpected visual appearance and, garage band sound caused a furor that delighted the youngsters and, worried the older folks. Fraser’s well rounded vocal sound took some of the edge off of the raw vibe of the group. It was a highly original, exciting mix. Fraser’s affable dad managed his son’s new fangled singing group, The British Modbeats, who at one point, travelled all the way to New York City to perform with poppa in tow to supervise the tour.


Because of his British roots (his family had moved to Canada in 1953) , Fraser travelled back to Britain in those days of “Swinging London” and, besides his already extensive knowledge of the roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll, he was, he was now hip to what was going on in the new music that was then emanating from England. Of course all of the new, 1960’s English popsters were influenced by the American 1950’s music that Fraser Loveman already knew so well. Relatives in Scotland also sent the latest UK records to him and, the record collection that Fraser’s older sister, Mae Loveman had started him on when he was a pre-teen was by then growing out of control. (

The British Mod Beats wern´t the best Band in the Beat-Scene … but you´ll hear that they love this music … And that´s the most important thing about music ! And we can hear some strong cover versions (“L.S.D.”, “Somebody Help Me” and “More Love”)

This entry is dedicated to all these countless more or less unknown Beat Bands from this very important decade of music !


Joe Colonna (bass)
Greig Foster (guitar)
Mike Gorgichuk (guitar)
Robbie Jeffrey (drums)
Fraser Loveman (vocals)


01. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Payne/Carroll) 2.21
02. Love’s Just A Broken Heart (Lynch/Bendome/Shuman) 2.14
03. The Price Of Love (Everly Brothers) 2.07
04. Ain’t Nobody Home But Me (Scott) 2.22
05. L.S.D. (Taylor/May) 1.56
06. Land Of A 1000 Dances (Kenner) 2.49
07. Somebody Help Me (Edwards) 1.56
08. Sorrow (Feldman/Goldstein/Gottehrer) 2.31
09. More Love (Blaikley) 2.09
10. Try To Understand (Burton/Sawyer) 2.21
11. Don’t Answer Me (Zambrini/Enriquez/Callander) 2.19





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