Joe Cocker – Jamaica Say You Will (1975)

OriginalFrontCover1Jamaica Say You Will is the fifth studio album by Joe Cocker, released in April 1975. The songs from the album come from the same sessions that produced the highly acclaimed LP I Can Stand A Little Rain (1974). Jamaica Say You Will wasn’t, however, as successful as its predecessor. It reached number 42 on the US album charts.

It includes participation by Randy Newman; rhythm section on most of the songs is played by the Kingpins, formerly known for being saxophonist King Curtis’ backing band, including Bernard “Pretty” Purdie on drums. “(That’s What I Like) In My Woman” is a fast-driven song with horns, “Where Am I Now” and “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” are segued and complimentary – the sentiment of each song reflected in the other. “Oh Mama” is pure vocal blues, accompanied by a saxophone. The over-all influence is soul and blues. The album winds up acoustically, with a simply arranged, folk-flavoured tune, “Jack-A-Diamonds”. (by wikipedia)

Inlet01AAlthough this collection didn’t sell as well as some of his other CD’s, this has become my favorite. His blues and gospel style are very prominent in these recordings. Jack-A-Diamonds and Lucinda are great tunes, along with a very soulful Where Am I Now. Great purchase. (by Basil Rathbook)

We’ve all had the experience of buying an album/CD for one or two songs we really want hear, but the rest of the album, not so much. That isn’t the case with “Jamaica Say You Will”. This is one of the most cohesive works I think I’ve ever heard; Everything fits, as if it were written specifically for this set of songs. There isn’t a clunker in the bunch, and “Jamaica Say You Will”, written by Jackson Browne is the star of the show.


Jackson Browne’s version is worth listening to, but Joe takes it a to another level; A depth of feeling few artists can achieve and most can only aspire to. All of the songs are just spot on, exactly as one would want them to be, and the perfect finale is “Jack of Diamonds”, bluesy, but defiant, in which Joe near the end, chuckles to himself, then says “… goin’ down the road…”, a man and his blues, like a world-weary traveler and his trusty pup.
No other way to say it; This is one of his best. (by Glenn Watson)


Joe Cocker (vocals)
Cornell Dupree (guitar)
Bernard Purdie (drums)
Chuck Rainey (bass)
Richard Tee (keyboards)
Cynthia Barclay (background vocals on 06.)
Joanne Bell (background vocals on 06.)
Ben Benay (guitar on 02. + 03, harmonica on 06.)
Buzz Clifford (background vocals on 01., 02 + 09.)
Joe Correro (drums on 03.)
Venetta Fields (background vocals on 02.)
Nicky Hopkins (piano on 02.)
Jim Horn (saxophone on 01., 05. + 08.)
Jimmy Karstein (drums on 02. + 06.)
Bobby Keys (saxophone on 09.)
Clydie King (background vocals on 02.)
Trevor Lawrence (saxophone on 09.)
Steve Madaio (trumpet on 09.)
Sherlie Matthews (background vocals on 02.)
Henry McCullough (guitar on 06.)
Daniel Moore (guitar on 10., background vocals on 01. – 09.)
Dave McDaniel (bass on 03. + 06.)
Jim Moore (background vocals on 04.)
Matthew Moore (background vocals on 01., 03. – 06., 08. + 09.)
Don Poncher (percussion on 09.)
Jim Price (trombone  on 01., background vocals on 01., 03., 05., 06., 08+ + 09., brass on 03., organ on 06.)
Jean Roussel (organ on 02.)
Peggy Sandvig (piano on 03. +  06.)
Dan Sawyer (guitar on 03.)
Carol Stallings (background vocals on 01., 02. + 09.)
Chrissy Stewart (bass on 02.)
The Sid Sharp Strings (strings on 03. + 04.)


01. (That’s What I Like) In My Woman (Moore) 3.28
02. Where Am I Now (Davis) 4.15
03. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today (Newman) 4.00
04. Forgive Me Now (Moore) 3.27
05. Oh Mama (Price) 4.13
06. Lucinda (Newman) 3.55
07. If I Love You (Moore) 4.00
08. Jamaica, Say You Will (Browne) 4.19
09. It’s All Over But The Shoutin’ (Hinton/Bristol) 3.57
10. Jack-A-Diamonds (Moore) 3.40



Joe Cocker

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