Supercharge – Local Lads Make Good (1976)

FrontCover1.jpgSupercharge were a 1970s English rock band from Liverpool, founded by singer/saxophonist Albie Donnelly and drummer Dave Irving. They had a number three hit single in Australia with “You’ve Gotta Get Up and Dance” in 1977.

Founded in early 1974, by Liverpool tenor-saxophonist, Albie Donnelly (born Albert Edward Donnelly, 12 August 1947, Huyton, Liverpool), and drummer Dave Irving (born David Geddes Irving, 18 November 1946, Crosby, Liverpool) after they had both left the ‘In Crowd’ cabaret band, Supercharge soon built up quite a cult following in Liverpool at ‘The Sportsman’, a popular city-centre pub on Sunday and later Monday nights and also at the ‘Dove and Olive’ at Speke.
Original members included Donnelly (bandleader, vocalist, and tenor saxophonist), Ozzie Yue (guitar/vocals) (born Austin J Yue, 12 August 1947, Liverpool), Allen ‘Gaz’ Gaskell (tenor sax, guitar, harmonica, and vocals), Alan Peters (trumpet), Bob Robertson (baritone sax), Pete Newton (bass guitar), Tony Dunmore (bass) and Dave Irving (drums).
Supercharge also quickly established themselves as a major player on the UK college / university circuit. Their first album Between Music and Madness, which was locally produced, soon followed.

Around 1975, in an attempt to attract a major record label offer, Supercharge began to gig regularly on the London live circuit at venues such as the Hope and Anchor, Islington, the Nashville Rooms, and the Marquee Club. As a result, Supercharge were soon signed by Virgin Records, and with the company’s new record producer, Robert “Mutt” Lange, they had a number three hit in Australia with their 1976 single “You’ve Gotta Get Up and Dance”. Personnel on these recordings also included organist Iain Bradshaw. It was also in Australia that their first album, Local Lads Make Good went gold – resulting in a number of successful major tours with a version of the band that included Les Karski on guitar.


And here´s is their beautiful album called “Local Lads Make Good” and it´s a real crazy mixture between Rhythm & Blues and the Disco Sound from this period … you can´t believe it?

Listen and enjoy this total crazy stuff  … between music and madness …


Iain Bradshaw (keyboards)
Albie Donnelly (saxophone, flute, vocals)
Tony Dunmore (bass, vocals)
Dave Irving (drums)
Les Karski (guitar, vocals)
Ozzie Yue (guitar, vocals)

01. Lonely And In Love (Lange) 3.35
02. Hole Town (Karski) 5.33
03. Everyone! Everywhere! (Lange) 5.29
04. I Believe In You (Robertson/Bradshaw) 4.13
05. Get Down Boogie (Lange) 3.16
06. Only You (Karski) 4.02
07. Gimme Your Love (Lange) 3.43
08. You’ve Gotta Get Up And Dance (Lange) 2.57
09. She Moved The Dishes First (Donnelly) 7.01



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