Tomasz Stanko – Live At Montreaux Jazz Festival (1987)

FrontCover1.jpgThis live recording at the Montreux Jazz Festival is the last of the glorious 1980s albums by the polish trumpet virtuoso / composer Tomasz Stanko and his Freelectronic ensemble, here consisting of keyboardists Janusz Skowron and Tadeusz Sudnik and bassist Witold Szczurek. Stanko is in top form and in a great mood, which is evident by the happy atmosphere captured herein.

His trumpet soars to incredible heights and the brilliant improvisations chase one another. In retrospect this is a perfect moment captured for posterity, just before the ever-changing Stanko would embark on yet another musical journey with the onset of the 1990s.

1980s Stanko’s Jazz-Rock period was about to be abandoned and replaced by a return to the Jazz tradition and the new (again) Stanko, which would capture worldwide audiences with his ECM recordings.

the 1980s period firmly remains as one of Stanko’s most productive and expressive periods and this album is an integral part of that legacy. A must to every Stanko fan!

And here´s a pretty good exampe of his way to play Free Jazz  !


Witold E. Szczurek (bass)
Janusz Skowron (synthesizer, piano)
Tomasz Stanko (trumpet)
Tadeusz Sudnik (synthesir, electronics)

01. Lady Go (Stanko) 9.44
02 Asmodeus (Stanko) 7.15
03 Sunia (Stanko) 3.06
04 Too Pee (Stanko) 7.32
05 Switzerland (Stanko/Skowron) 2.04
06. Ha Ha Ha (Stanko) 7.08

AlternateFrontCoverAlternate frontcover


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