Maria Muldaur – Fanning The Flames (1996)

FrontCover1.jpgFor those who only know of Muldaur through her 1974 hit “Midnight at the Oasis,” please scratch that from memory. This lady can flat out sing! Although the CD insert art suggests a “pops orchestra” recording, don’t let it mislead you; Muldaur belts out gritty blues and gospel and soulful R&B as very few can. She appropriately terms this musical gumbo “bluesiana.” A crack band was assembled featuring longtime Muldaur guitarist Cranston Clements, Dave Torkanowsky on keyboards, and Hutch Hutchinson on bass. Guest singer Johnny Adams joins Muldaur on “Trust in Me,” but the two really hit stride as they swap vocal licks on the boogie number “Heaven on Earth.” Muldaur and gospel singer Mavis Staples spend themselves emotionally on the mournful duet “Well, Well, Well,” accompanied by Clements and guest Sonny Landreth on slide and National steel guitars; rarely has a Bob Dylan song sounded as sweet and alive. (by Dave Sleger)


Cranston Clements (guitar)
Hutch Hutchinson (bass)
Maria Muldaur (vocals)
Steve Potts (drums)
Johnny Adams (vocals on 05.)
Bob Henderson (saxophone on 03., 06.)
Sonny Landreth (slide guitar on 01. +11.)
Huey Lewis (harmonica on 08.)
Bonnie Raitt (vocals on 04.)
Mavis Staples (vocals on 03. + 11.)
Bill Summers (percussion on 02.. 03., 06., 10. + 11.)
Dave Torkanowsky (keyboards, synthesizer)
background vocals:
Ann Peebles – Don Bryant – Jon Cleary – Mavis Staples –  Alisa Yarbrough – Ann Peebles – Benita Arterberry – Lucy Anna Burnett – Tracy Nelson – Jennie Muldaur – Lady Bianca

Maria Muldaur01

01. Home Of The Blues (James/Steen) 4.22
02. Fanning The Flames (Cleary) 5.30
03. Trust In My Love (Grebb/Richmond) 4.11
04. Somebody Was Watching Over Me (Burns) 5.07
05.  Heaven On Earth (Muldaur) 5.15
06. Stand By Me (Pardini/Driscoll) 4.35
07. Talk Real Slow (McDaniel) 4.21
08. Stop Runnin’ From Your Own Shadow (Hughes) 4.21
09. Can’t Pin Yo’ Spin On Me (Cleary) 4.06
10. Brotherly Love (Burns/Boaz) 6.20
11. Well, Well, Well (Dylan/O’Keefe) 4.55
12. Strange And Foreign Land (Cleary) 3.26



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